Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Fall, Then Fishing, Then eating!!!

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Some more pix from my neck of the woods here in South MS. Hubby's brother called him today wanting to borrow something from him so we took it to his brother. When we got there, there were two brothers standing on the boardwalk fishing. The brother that needed to borrow something stopped fishing and went to see my hubby. Well I took his pole and started fishing with the other brother. I haven't been fishing in I don't know how long!! The pond is loaded with brim. I don't know what you all call them but we call them brim around here. Anyway we were catching them as soon as we'd throw our hooks into the water. I am telling you what, I had a blast! His brother didn't want many fish since it's only him to eat them so we just divided up the fish. Anyway my hubby and the other brother got finished with what they were doing and he started dressing the fish. Now I have NEVER seen anyone dress brim the way he was dressing them. He was blowing the scales off with the water from the water hose and it was WORKING! All I had to do was get the little bit that's close to the tail part on each side as I was preparing them for frying. I took a pic of him spraying the scales off them. Then took a pic of one frying AND then took a pic of my hush puppies AND then one of them all fried up. We also had corn. I like to take a can of cream style corn and a can of whole kernel corn and mix it together after you drain the whole kernel and just add a little butter and heat it on med. heat. I love it mixed like that and so does my family. I even added a little of the cream style to my hush puppies. It sure was good! Has been ages since I ate brim!

Then last but not least, I found the little arrangement at a place called Dirt Cheap and knew it needed a little help but knew I could fix it up. I am going to put some of the little pumpkins and gourds in and around it to dress it up a little. It wasn't but $4.00 something and I thought it had some potential.

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