Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Dreaming of A Red Christmas Tree

After I have thought about it today after Sue made her comment to me. She told me how to do those Little Debbie Gingerbread men I have really been thinking on this one. I think red balls, the Little Debbie Gingerbread Men, the red and white stripe ribbon candy ornaments I've seen at the $ store and then the clear bulbs for the lights would really be pretty on our Christmas tree this year. I have some of the little clip on candle things like I saw on the magazine cover I already mentioned in my other post. I also thought I might even add a few of my starfish I bought in Gulf Shores to the tree or my decorations this year.

I want something different instead of doing the window in the kitchen and the mantel and the spindles etc. I was trying to think what other thing I could decorate this year. Was thinking about changing out my china cabinet and doing it up Christmas-y this year. I will do the mantel but want it a little different and I have NO IDEA HOW YET!

What colors have you decided to go with? Or have you decided yet? ;) I usually can't get it together until way later when I am about to run out of time to decorate! LOL
My daughter tells me I decorate right up until Christmas. I almost do because I can't decide just how I want everything and then I see something and I think, OH I wanna do that! So I go at it! lol That's the joy of it though! Isn't it? I am going to TRY and figure out HOW to make my tree smaller this year though. I may just use the top out of my tree. lol

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Your plans sound nice. Two years ago, I started decorating totally primitive for Christmas. That is the style I love the best anyway, but it took me a long time to gather and make enough ornaments for our 7ft family Christmas tree. We have tons of various ornaments, but I wanted this for so long that I just started working at it until I had enough. The main colors, are reds, blues, creams, mustard, & browns. The tree is enough green for me, as it is not my favorite color anyway. But I do love to use some evergreens too.
I can't wait to see your pics. I probabaly won't do my decorating until after Thanksgiving.
Have a great week!