Sunday, November 9, 2008

Changed Blog Name

I decided to change my blogs name to Lady of Many Hats. Mrs. Betty Bargain seemed like it was a bit down grading to me. When I was deciding on my blogs name I had two names, Mrs. Betty Bargain and Lady of Many Hats. Since I THOUGHT this blog was going to be about bargains I thought that was an OK name for it. But since then I have realized it's NOT just going to be about bargains but about everything in general. In which I'm not really surprised because I like lots of things but mainly love to be in Gods will at the same time. So when I feel I need to share something God has done for me, or share something about Him, I will be doing that as well. Because it REALLY IS all about Him and what He wants and, NOT me! So I think Lady of Many Hats is much better. Plus this one fits me to a T. :)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I like both names. I don't think Betty Bargain sounded like a put down at all. I liked it. But it's your choice! LOL!

buckeyesue said...

I like "Lady of Many Hats" better than "Mrs. Betty Bargain."

You never seemed like "Mrs. Betty" to me. LOL