Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just Fascinating How God Works

My friend Tammy suggested I share this on my blog. So here goes...... :)

It's so fascinating to me about how He works!!! He gets ALL the glory!!! His timing is ALWAYS perfect to!

Yesterday while at my favorite junk store I found a Singer sewing machine. I asked the price and she told me $5.00. My sister needed a sewing machine as well as my niece, so I figured I would get the machine for one of them. Since my sister is miles away from me I had decided the person to give it to would be my niece Trina. She is wanting to learn to sew for her little girl. She's been taking some classes at the local sewing center. So I get home with the sewing machine and clean it up. All I could think of is messing with this sewing machine when I got home. lol Got home and started messing with it. I could not get it to sew right and got very frustrated with it because it looked like a nice machine and just needed some TLC. So I start taking parts off oiling it. The only stitch I could get it to do half way right was the straight stitch. BUT even on that it would sew a foot or so and then skip a few stitches and start sewing right again. The more I sewed with it the more it vibrated. It was dancing off the table almost but I did have a tablecloth on the table and that made it slide worse I'm sure. Anyway I got it to sewing the straight stitch but it was still skipping stitches and not really doing right but I thought, well I guess this would be better than nothing at all. BUT I also know how hard it is to learn how to sew with a machine that is not sewing right and you have to work on it every time you want to sew. So I was undecided what to do, whether to take it to her or just toss it. Then I decided to just take it by her house and see what she thought and see if she wanted it or not with it doing this. So I put it into the car. In the meantime I had made plans to go to my friend Tammy's house to check on her daughters sewing machine this evening. Back when Mattie went to Gulf Shores with us she had told me about her machine being messed up. I told her before they sent it off to the shop to let me look at it that I might be able to fix it. So I go over there this evening intending on checking on her machine. Well when I walked in the door, I noticed her machine sitting on the table and from the back it looked just like the machine I HAD IN MY CAR that I just paid 5.00 for yesterday that I could not get to sew right. So I asked Mattie what was the part that broke on hers and she shows me. I about did a double take because I had just had that same part out of the one I bought last night oiling it and it looked to be the SAME. I told Mattie that I thought the one I bought would fit hers and her machine would be fixed! So I go get the machine out of my car and sure enough the part was the SAME! It's the part that the bobbin fits down into that was broken. We put the good one in there and it fits perfectly. I told her now I knew why I was meant to buy that sewing machine. My plans wasn't Gods plans! My plans was to give someone a sewing machine but His plans was to fix Mattie's machine!!!! Which tickles me pink! Oh by the way, the bright young thing that Mattie is, she is making a little quilted throw! Yep she made it yesterday in her sewing class and it is too cute! This young lady is really INTO sewing! lol You go Mattie!!! :)