Monday, November 10, 2014

The Lucky Rabbit

A Really Neat Place:


My daughter took me to this really neat place called, The Lucky Rabbit today. I got the camera out and started taking pictures because it was just so cool.

I wanted to share some of my pix with you. They really had some neat displays and used a lot of pallets.


You can click on any of the photo’s and make them larger.







Loved the legs on the old suitcase. I’ve seen this before but never made one. I think they would make really cute dog beds.


Really liked this old mirror frame for a chalkboard. I have one of these with a mirror in it.



Really really loved this idea! I think this was wallpaper and not the tin roofing stuff. I felt it and it didn’t feel like tin.




Another shot of the chest. They were selling a lot of furniture today. You can SEE WHY. Open-mouthed smile



I thought these were cute! I even have an old sweater I bought that would be cute to use the sleeves out of for these.


I have an old frame like this that we bought from a friend of ours in North Carolina. He said it came out of an old school over there. This gave me an idea. I have an old quilt my Maw Maw made us when we were little kids that is just rags now. Going to see IF I have a large enough piece of it that I can do this with I think. I will put it in my sewing room if I have enough to do this.


I’ve been wanting one of these 3 tiered ones for forever now it seems like. My husbands cousins had one and she said she got it in the Smokey’s. I thought this was such a neat idea for your coffee and sweetener and such.


LOVED the way they used the pallets here!!!


Another shot of the way they used the pallets for display.


SOOOO CUTE! This one reminded me of a ladies down the road from my house. She sews such cute stuff!!!


Notice the pallet display here. They used hay string tacked to the edges and made it like a clothes line to hang their drink holders on with clothes pens. Too cute! Thumbs upSome really cute things here!!!


Some more of the cute hand sewn items.


LOVED this piece of furniture!


Loved the night stands to in this booth.





Letters made from the thin paneling in with the lines in it. Can’t think of what it’s called right now. Such a cute idea! I saw one lady with one of these carrying it around. I have seen folks use these in their Christmas decorating on their door wreaths.


Another view of the letters.


View downstairs from the upstairs loft.


Another view from upstairs.





LOVED these clothes! They used all kinds of trims on them. LOVED THESE!!!!



This is metal someone welded letters out of. Really cool




Some of the booths.





Really neat idea from books being cut out into letters or whatever.



More of the cut out books.



Notice the pallet again with the crosses hanging on it.


Found me a Christmas decorating idea here with the floral bottles and ornaments. I think I have a herd of those bottles. Open-mouthed smile

I’ve been thinking about my mantel this year and how I want to decorate it.




This is an old bed spring hanging on the ceiling with Christmas lights in it. Too cool!


Another pallet display, hanging by chains.



Pallets for the wall



LOVED this arch!



Loved this! It was sold.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour. Open-mouthed smile


Until next time,


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Still Around

Hey, just wanted to make a blog post to tell you I am still kicking. Just really busy in the little chicken business. Hatched out 3 batches of chicks this year and am raising 2 batches of them. We butchered 4 cockerels today from one batch for the freezer. We had one rooster start trying to attack us back in January of this year and we butchered him so that started it. He was so good I/we decided we wanted to do some more. So I needed some more hens because I wanted all Rhode Island Reds so hatched out some more to get some more hens. Just figured heck, I’d butcher the cockerels for the freezer so that’s what we’re doing. Got a few more in this next batch but they wont be ready for 2-3 more months.

I know some of you from the decorating forum that closed down is following my blog so I wanted to come on and say I am still around. Been thinking about doing a few blog posts but just haven’t had the time lately when I feel up to it. Finally got put on some thyroid meds so maybe soon I will be back to my old self. I sure hope so anyway.

I hope all of you are well and doing some fun stuff.

Maybe I’ll be back soon with some interesting projects. I hope so anyway. Open-mouthed smile



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Decorating

I am working my way to being finished with the Christmas decorating.

I saw something online the other day that is my inspiration for this little idea I’m about to show you. I wish I were on my other computer and I could crop this pic below to show the real one that was my inspiration pic. But instead I’ll have to say, it’s the pic on the left that I am going to try and copy some of. Not all of it, just some. I guess a more simplified version. Open-mouthed smile

christmas-decorations-ideas MIRROR SPRAY GOLD TO USE

I don’t have the 4 framed pix to the side of the mirror in this pic nor do I have anything close to those that would work to use. I just love the little florist thing (don’t know what it’s called) that is hanging from the top of the mirror. Grin…..

OPPS I ALMOST forgot something……I got this pic above online and I have NO CLUE where I found it to give credit. I am sorry I can’t remember. I am not trying to say it’s my own, it’s my inspirational pic. OK now that that’s done lets get down to business. wink…

Now for some details…… I have this mirror I found at the thrift store and it was only 5.00. It’s been changed because it also had 2 small mirrors on each side of it that I removed and used in another project.

I took the mirror and filled in some tiny screw holes in the sides of it last night. Once that dried I spray painted it gold today. It’s bad weather outside today so I had to do it in a rush and got my spray can too close to my mirror frame and it ran just a bit. Will have to sand it some and redo those couple areas. Excuse my pile of Christmas lights you see in the pic. I put one strand to each plastic bag so they don’t all get tangled up. So that’s what the pile of junk is there in the mirror. Trying to get er done.

I want to use my manger scene in my mantel decoration since I don’t’ have another place to sit it. I saw a pic online when I googled mantels decorated and she had used a glass picture frame and sit her manger scene up in it. So I think I am going to do something like that with me.


Details on what I did before I painted it. Once I wiped all the dust off and cleaned it up, I took the mirror out of it. Then I sanded it really good in all the cracks and crevices. The reason I sanded it is because it had stain and varnish on it and I needed my paint to adhere to the frame so you have to sand it down. Then with a couple old damp rags I wiped all the sanded dust off it a couple times to make sure it was nice and clean. Then I sprayed it with the gold metallic spray paint.


It’s sitting a little crooked because I was trying not to get gold paint on everything.

Anyway the main reason I wanted to post this is to show you that you don’t have to pay a fortune to decorate your home. It CAN be done on a shoe string budget when you shop around at the thrift stores and garage sales. In fact I had this can of paint on hand already from another project. It was only about half full of paint but it was enough if I hadn’t of messed up with letting the can be too close to my frame. It’ll be OK though. But you can decorate your home on a shoestring budget so don’t get depressed.

I’ll have to come back later and edit this when I get the mantel all fixed up so you can see what I did to it. Not going to be AS fancy as the inspirational pic but pretty all the same I think.