Friday, November 2, 2018

My New Bike

Wanted to share my new bike with you guys. I found it on Facebook Marketplace and messaged the lady over the weekend. Went and picked it up on Sat. Got to buy a tube for the front tire but am excited over my new bike. It came with the cup holder and the basket on it.
Love the little accent pieces on the ends of the fenders!
I have ordered me some new hand grips because these are sticky. I wanted lavender to match the bike but could only find purple or white and ordered both those colors. So now I will have an extra pair.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Health, Blessings, and Life

To start this post off this year has been something for me. Back in January of this year I had the flu. It was really at the end of Dec. into January I guess. I passed out here at the house and hubby took me to the Dr. that we had just been to 3 days before. He checked us both and said we didn't have the flu, just had sinus crud he says. Once in hospt. they actually did the test to see IF I indeed had the flu and I did. Primary Dr. had not checked for it. Just said we didn't have it. Since I passed out Dr. said I had to go to E.R. to get checked out. So he took me and I was admitted. I stayed 3-4 days I can't really remember. They did the heart scan score and several other tests to see why I had passed out. Dehydration was the cause my daughter and I think. For someone that goes the whole day with something in her hand drinking I dehydrate at the drop of a hat almost. Just crazy and I think I am FINALLY figuring out WHY! Same primary Dr. has been prescribing me blood pressure pills with fluid pills in them. I know there is a word for that, but I can't think of it right now. 

So they wanted to do a stress test in a week when I leave the hospital in January and I wasn't able to do one yet. I was still coughing my head off and very weak and basically had been in bed mostly since I got home. We cancelled the appointment and they rescheduled it for another week out. Still not back up to par I went on to the appointment. STILL coughing my head off. :( We get there and both of us are wearing masks because the flu was STILL going around very bad. We get in there and it is I mean really really hot in this waiting room. When ones coughing that is the very last thing you need is a hot room. As we sat there I was noticing at least every 3rd person was also coughing. I over heard one woman complaining to her husband and telling him lets just go thru the E.R. since it was the hospt. where we were. They had been there for 2 hours and this is the cardio waiting room to this Dr. and she was worried about her husband having a heart attack while sitting there. I asked hubby to go to the desk and see if we could reschedule the appointment and just told them we would get back with them when I could do it. We didn't actually make an appointment.

So the next thing I know they had made me one on their own and never even told me they did so. I get a call the day after with them saying they were sorry I didn't make it to my appointment on blah blah day and I was like huh what appointment? lol So by this time I had decided I wasn't even doing no stress test at all. I was going to work on this and see if I couldn't get my heart scan score better doing something Dr. William Davis talks about in his "Undoctored" book. Thing is now I see it was too late for me to start that the plaque had already started clogging my arteries. Not to late for working on the problem tho.

I wind up back in the hospt. the last of Sept. with symptoms and had to do the chemical stress test due to near passing out 5 times in less than a week. So they did the stress test and then a heart cath and found the lower left quad. of my heart the artery was 80% blocked. They put their stent in and now I am still working at making the plaque better so hopefully I wont have to have another one put in.

Now for the BLESSINGS part...... SMILE God is so good,  He helped me through all of that and several times I had to call out to Him for help due to me being scared of the unknown. When they got me to get off my bed onto the table to do the heart cath I was praying. He gave me that peace that passes ALL understanding.  I met so many good people in the hospt. So many good RN's and cleaning lady. Ms. Joyce was a hoot. She writes on my board the very 1st day she comes into my room. God loves and I knew what she was going to write next and I told her, and He loves YOU to! She says AMEN yes AMEN! LOVED that lady! She was my sister in Christ! Then I met Rodney a RN my brother also in Christ! He told me he prayed for me before he entered my room. What a blessing to have a RN that prays for his every patient before he enters their room. He came back the next morning to check on me and tell me bye. Such blessings!

More blessings...... A friend of ours came the other day to see us. I was sharing with them I had been looking for me a treadmill for over a year as I shopped the thrift stores and everyone I found had already been sold. So he tells me they will keep a look out for me one. So he goes to a small town close to them looking in a thrift store I don't go to. While in there he sees an elderly lady out in the parking lot close to her car calling for help. She had fallen trying to get in her car I guess. So he can his wife get the wheelchair and go out there to help the little lady get up. That I know had to be a blessing for her!! So while they are talking to the little lady and making sure she was alright another lady walks up that had worked with my friends wife. She asked them had they ever eaten at this place around there and they tell her no. So he says lets go and we'll buy you lunch. So while they're eating lunch he tells her yeah we're just off down this way looking for a treadmill to which she says, you really looking for one? He tells her yes and she says I have one you can have for free. Come to find out her daughter had gotten married and had brought the treadmill there and given it to her. They went to her house and looked at it, plugged it in and it worked. So now my husband is headed over there to get it along with our friend.

I had shared with them that I had been walking but then when it gets hot I just cannot handle the heat to walk. Told them it's so discouraging to get to walking and then have to stop because of these hot humid summers. Things I have read says to walk 3-4 times a week to help the plaque in ones veins so I was like OK I need to get back at it again. It's cooled off now to where one can walk and my daughter and I have been walking. She's losing loads of weight and I am so proud of her. She had to take steroids to get well for like 4 years now almost every month. She has asthma and it was going crazy. Only way she could get well was to take those things and lots more. :(  
So I am hoping to not get the flu this winter and hoping AND praying no hospitals in my life for next year. Twice in one year is enough. :-) 


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Still Around and Doing Some Canning

Hey you guys, I am still around. Just not blogging much these days as you can see.
I had a program I was using on here and have forgotten my password for it and have no clue HOW to get my password. :(

Been doing a lot of canning this summer and putting things in the freezer to. I have so far canned tomatoes, peppers, basil, thyme, pears, two kind, pear halves and pear butter, dill pickles, pickled okra, okra to fry, and okra to boil. I have probably missed something I am sure.

Not doing as many projects as I used to do. I miss that, but health isn't allowing it these days and I do good to get what has to be done finished and done.

I sure do miss our decorating forum we used to have and I think I have 1 or 2 of the ladies subscribed to my blog that used to be on it. Miss all you guys!

I sure hope it's cooler where you are than where we are here in the hot humid south. All our vegetables are playing out now from the heat. Only have okra, cherry tomatoes and some cayenne peppers making it. I want to plant some fall stuff. I have rooted some of my Black Cherokee tomatoes I had going this summer. Took some nice shoots off and rooted those and just transplanted them in their large pots on Monday I believe it was. They had some nice roots on them. Hoping to get a bunch out of those before frost.

OK sure hope everyone is well. Will check back when I can.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Onesies From Old T Shirts

I wanted to show you guys what I am doing here lately and also wanted to start downloading my sewing things on here in case my daughter ever decides she wants to learn sewing. She has sewn some, but one day I wont be here to help teach her and wanted it to be here for her and for others I am trying to help learn.

 A friend of mine has a couple daughters that has gotten married and have had a baby each. She is now Grandma or Granna as they will call her. She's loving being a Granna. So I have started sewing baby clothes again and sure am enjoying it. Been a long time since I have sewn baby clothes.

I am still thrift store shopping as well and got the idea online to repurpose,restyle, recycle, or refashion, whatever you want to call it some old t shirts. One of the thrift stores I like has been having a fill a bag for a buck so I have gotten several bags of t shirts here lately and am making onesies with them. I can get two onesies from an x large t shirt and am practicing with them doing embroidery. I am trying to learn how to position my designs where they're suppose to be and lining them up. Getting a little better if my machine would stop messing up on me. :( See the blue colored one, yep machine messed up and top thread got all tangled in the bobbin and stretched the fabric and then when I went back to sewing the design was off. Funny thing is, it seems to happen on the VERY LAST thread I have to use every time. 

I was actually very well pleased with the white one. It turned out very well I thought. The white one I did with a t shirt that was a medium I believe it was and I wound up having to get my sleeves from another white t shirt. Actually I used the left overs from one I had made 2 onesies from. Had enough to do the sleeves for this one out of it. It was a turtleneck AND long sleeved one.

I also wanted to show you one of my finds from yesterday. We needed another little step stool and I thought this monkey one was so stinking cute.

This is the onesie close up of the embroidery.

This was a onesie I made for my niece, Hannah. She is having a girl and just found out a couple weeks back what it was going to be. This was one of the onesies I got from the other white t shirt. It was actually a Christmas one with a little embroidered Christmas tree on the neck (turtleneck) of it.

I found this square thing that had this monkey design on it awhile back and was going to refashion it some how. Then I got the idea to do a bib with it. This ones for a friend of mines little boy, Joseph. I think this thing must have been made for hanging on the wall. ??? Not really sure what it was used for. I first thought it was a pot holder of sorts, but it had poly fil in it. You can't use that for a pot holder! Talk about getting burnt!

Now for the video where I show just where I place the pattern for this onesie to get two out of an x large t shirt.
Two Onesies from X Large T Shirt

Hope you all enjoy these ideas I have found online. I found the patterns for the bib as well as the burp clothes I am making and the onesie online for free downloads PDF files.