Thursday, August 30, 2018

Still Around and Doing Some Canning

Hey you guys, I am still around. Just not blogging much these days as you can see.
I had a program I was using on here and have forgotten my password for it and have no clue HOW to get my password. :(

Been doing a lot of canning this summer and putting things in the freezer to. I have so far canned tomatoes, peppers, basil, thyme, pears, two kind, pear halves and pear butter, dill pickles, pickled okra, okra to fry, and okra to boil. I have probably missed something I am sure.

Not doing as many projects as I used to do. I miss that, but health isn't allowing it these days and I do good to get what has to be done finished and done.

I sure do miss our decorating forum we used to have and I think I have 1 or 2 of the ladies subscribed to my blog that used to be on it. Miss all you guys!

I sure hope it's cooler where you are than where we are here in the hot humid south. All our vegetables are playing out now from the heat. Only have okra, cherry tomatoes and some cayenne peppers making it. I want to plant some fall stuff. I have rooted some of my Black Cherokee tomatoes I had going this summer. Took some nice shoots off and rooted those and just transplanted them in their large pots on Monday I believe it was. They had some nice roots on them. Hoping to get a bunch out of those before frost.

OK sure hope everyone is well. Will check back when I can.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Onesies From Old T Shirts

I wanted to show you guys what I am doing here lately and also wanted to start downloading my sewing things on here in case my daughter ever decides she wants to learn sewing. She has sewn some, but one day I wont be here to help teach her and wanted it to be here for her and for others I am trying to help learn.

 A friend of mine has a couple daughters that has gotten married and have had a baby each. She is now Grandma or Granna as they will call her. She's loving being a Granna. So I have started sewing baby clothes again and sure am enjoying it. Been a long time since I have sewn baby clothes.

I am still thrift store shopping as well and got the idea online to repurpose,restyle, recycle, or refashion, whatever you want to call it some old t shirts. One of the thrift stores I like has been having a fill a bag for a buck so I have gotten several bags of t shirts here lately and am making onesies with them. I can get two onesies from an x large t shirt and am practicing with them doing embroidery. I am trying to learn how to position my designs where they're suppose to be and lining them up. Getting a little better if my machine would stop messing up on me. :( See the blue colored one, yep machine messed up and top thread got all tangled in the bobbin and stretched the fabric and then when I went back to sewing the design was off. Funny thing is, it seems to happen on the VERY LAST thread I have to use every time. 

I was actually very well pleased with the white one. It turned out very well I thought. The white one I did with a t shirt that was a medium I believe it was and I wound up having to get my sleeves from another white t shirt. Actually I used the left overs from one I had made 2 onesies from. Had enough to do the sleeves for this one out of it. It was a turtleneck AND long sleeved one.

I also wanted to show you one of my finds from yesterday. We needed another little step stool and I thought this monkey one was so stinking cute.

This is the onesie close up of the embroidery.

This was a onesie I made for my niece, Hannah. She is having a girl and just found out a couple weeks back what it was going to be. This was one of the onesies I got from the other white t shirt. It was actually a Christmas one with a little embroidered Christmas tree on the neck (turtleneck) of it.

I found this square thing that had this monkey design on it awhile back and was going to refashion it some how. Then I got the idea to do a bib with it. This ones for a friend of mines little boy, Joseph. I think this thing must have been made for hanging on the wall. ??? Not really sure what it was used for. I first thought it was a pot holder of sorts, but it had poly fil in it. You can't use that for a pot holder! Talk about getting burnt!

Now for the video where I show just where I place the pattern for this onesie to get two out of an x large t shirt.
Two Onesies from X Large T Shirt

Hope you all enjoy these ideas I have found online. I found the patterns for the bib as well as the burp clothes I am making and the onesie online for free downloads PDF files.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to Make a V Neck Out of a Round Neck Tee Shirt

Figured since I got pix to share on my Facebook page I would TRY and make a post about it on my blog. I am hoping this works because in my program I use to write my info, I forgot my info password and such and not been able to get into it. Oh well, Windows Live Writer wouldn't work for me. UGH Don't know WHAT is wrong! :(

OK here goes….. This is the tee shirt before pic but details first…. I went to the thrift store and found they were having a bag day and you fill a bag for a buck. So this was one of my deals in the bag. I like purple and I like butterflies.  Notice the round neck in the before pic.

I take the neck band off almost to the shoulder seams lacking about an inch or so. I go to the front side of the shirt and stretch it a bit and I can find the seam in there. Use my seam ripper and it's easier to get out that way.

Once ripped out I then find the center of each the shirt and the band. I cut the band at the center point. Then I cut the shirt into a V at the center point of it as well. Pics below of how much I cut out. If you cut out to much you might not have enough band to put back on there.

The part of the shirt I cut out to form the V in the above photo. Then the band in the below photo forming the V shape when sewn.

THE BAND: Notice the pen direction goes from where it was sewn onto the shirt here upwards for forming the V in the band. I have to really watch what I do here because I have gotten the V upside down before!

Then I serged it. You have to stretch the band to fit the shirt. I pen it in place when sewing, but you can’t do that with serging.


Doesn’t take long at all to do. Now got to hem those sleeves! They’re much too long for me dangling around my elbows!

I got it a bit off on the V, since I was using my serger. I’ve always done this with my sewing machine and I had to take the pen out I had in the point of the V and it shifted on me. NEED to make me up some bands or use some I am cutting off of tees I am restyling and practice a bit with the serger. I think you get the jest of it though. 
Hope everyone is doing well!


Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I'm Up to These Days

I asked my hubby and daughter for a dehydrator for Christmas. They got me an Excalibur. I've been dehydrating food ever since I got it and I love the thing! I've done my own chicken broth, my own celery powder, onion powder and garlic powder. I have also dehydrated mixed vegetables, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, okra and I don't know what all else. Then a few weeks ago I found ANOTHER Excalibur at the thrift store for 20.00. Needless to say I WAS and AM a happy camper. I sure hope God richly blesses me with more tomatoes than I can handle. I'm doing my part by planting 79 heritage red beef master plants. Then I have about 7 I'm thinking it is, of the heritage Black Cherokee ones. I'm hoping to dehydrate a bunch of tomatoes this summer.

This is my bowl I made for dehydrating the broth out of a dehydrator sheet.
This is the broth in the bowl.

Tomatoes to dehydrate

My thrift store find.

Dehydrated celery.

Powdered Celery.

Dehydrated Sour Cream

Dehydrated and Powdered Sour Cream

If you are dehydrating food leave me a message with your favorite links. I am new to dehydrating but I am learning.