Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gazebo and Me Falling

While at Lowe's this evening I found something that I think will work to put the little netting on the gazebo. It's little screw in eye things. I can drill a small hole with the drill and then screw them in place. Then I can put the elastic through the eye on the little screw to attach it to the gazebo.

Let me tell you what happened to me today! We went and had lunch with our daughter. She had to work today but we went and had lunch with her. When we took her back to work, she and DH were sitting there talking so I told them, while you are talking I am going to run over there and mail this Netflix movie at the post office. I noticed when I was walking up the steps the calf of my left leg kept wanting to crap up on me. I have the ruptured disk in my back with all those bulging etc. I've been over doing lately so I have it a little inflamed I guess is why the calf keeps trying to crap up. So anyway I deposited the movie and was walking back down the steps. There was a lady coming behind me and I had held the door open so it wouldn't slam in her face. Anyway so I was walking down the steps in front of her. The calf of my left leg started trying to crap up again so I was trying to get on down the steps so I could walk right and it wouldn't get in a crap on me. With it trying to crap up, that had my attention and I completely missed that last step and started falling forward on my face. I caught myself with both hands on the ground and both knees hit the concrete walk. Well needless to say, it couldn't have been a nice smooth concrete walk, it had to have large rocks in the concrete that stuck up above it. Can you say OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH???????????? I mean I busted it right there on the thing! The skin pure peeled back on my knee. Thank goodness it was the ONLY knee that happened to. Needless to say I am mega sore now. Even my elbows hurt and my shoulders because I tried the break the fall with my arms because I saw I was going to land on my face on that concrete it I didn't catch myself. lol My hip joints and my lower back is also hurting. Oh AND the knee I peeled the hide back on. I was so embarrassed I could have crawled UNDER one of those cars! The nice lady came running over to help me and call someone if I needed her to. I had to sit there for a moment because the calf was really trying to crap up now. Anyway a guy was getting out of his car and I guess he seen the whole thing to. He came over and she got one arm and he got the other to help me up off the concrete. Both of them were SO NICE! I think I thanked them but I was so embarrassed I can't remember! :( DD carries a emergency kit in her car and I hobbled back to my car which was across the road where they were still sitting chatting, and opened the door and was trying to ask her to go get it when she saw my knee. OH MOMMA WHAT HAPPENED? I said I fell down the steps! WHAT?????? Yep, HOW DID YOU DO THAT? lol easy! anyway so she made me a make shift ice pack after getting my knee all cleaned up and Neospromium sp? ointment put on it and a clean gauze. It's swollen a little and not hurting nothing like it was. One of the rocks made a hole down in my skin but it finally came back up like it's suppose to be. Since I am a diabetic I'll have to keep it mega clean and covered with salve on it to keep it from getting infected. I don't think I'm going to have any brusing thankx to DD and her thinking of that ice pack! Anyway that was my exciting day. I sure hope your's was MUCH better than mine! :)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

All Sorts of Stuff ;)

First off, I got out there yesterday evening and put up my screen on the gazebo. I think it looks much better with this on it than nothing on it. I’m not done with it yet. I want to put something on the top of it like a finial or something like that. Do you think I need to remove the lattice work on the front of it? I KNOW it NEEDS something but can’t put my finger on it. I know it needs something on the top of it. I am going to put some Velcro around the edges to hold the netting on. I just clamped it in place for right now just to see how it looked. Oh notice the little white cat on the inside of the netting on the first pic. Talk about nosey! That's one nosey heffer! lol



Then second, here is my tablecloth I made last night. My friend Tammy gave me this little patio set and I dearly love it! My DH fixed the hole that was in the middle of it because we weren’t ever going to have an umbrella. I am in the process as I said in last nights post of making little round cushions for the chairs to match the curtain. I cut out two of the tablecloths and had thought about putting some white lace insets in the other one.


Tammy here is the hydrangea you wanted to see. It’s not quite as intense blue as it was and you can’t tell really by the pix. SO ;) IF you’ll just come see me, you can see in person. Hee hee P5290910

Last but not least…… a deer feeder. My DH wanted his brother to help him make one and they were suppose to make it yesterday but his brother had to go tend to something. Well it didn’t take as long as he  thought it would so he got home and started making the feeder. Then comes down here to measure the tin for the roof and told my DH he already had it built. So he brought it over here today. Now DH has to put the tin on the roof and paint it. He’s going to paint it brown. DH wanted an area on one end to put a salt block so that is the little area to the right in the pic. DH wanted the 4x4 posts on the bottom in case we needed to move it for some reason we’d have something to tie the rope to but dear brother drilled holes in the 2x4’s to tie the rope to! Wasn’t that a smart idea? :) I think he did very well on it! Great job there brother in law! Great job! Now can’t wait to see the deer feeding out of it.




I made me a table cloth tonight for the patio table out of some of the curtain fabric that I hung out on the patio. Am also making some little round cushions out of it for the little patio table chairs. I’ve got two of them sewn up and will have to get them stuffed and take a pic. I am going to make some throw pillows for the swing out of it as well and probably a couple extra because DH loves to sit on them in the chairs so he’s up higher, much easier to get up then. ;)

A Tisket a Tasket

A big brown basket. ;) Wanted to show you what I found today at the thrift store. I stopped in to look and found this big ole thing. When I saw it, I thought, oh my goodness wont that be awesome to gather my garden in? It’s PURRRRRFECT! ;)

I asked her how much it was because there was no price on it. She said $4 and then she came over to where I was standing and looked at it and said $2. I said are you sure, she said yeah. I told her I was going to gather my veggies with it. I put the large teapot in the basket so you could see how large this thing is. It’s 2’ plus long. It’s about 6” or so deep and made VERY WELL for gathering a garden. And speaking of gardens, my cucumbers AND my squash is already up and is 3” tall now. I love my basket!!! :)



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peat Pots and Flowers

While at the Dollar General earlier this evening I found some little peat pots for 1.00 a pack. I think there is like 8-10 in the pack. I have a few packs of flower seeds I haven’t gotten into the ground yet so I thought I could stick them in the peat pots and they would transplant better since I am really doing this kind of late. BUT I really need to get these seeds in some soil! I bought a herd of them last year as well and never did plant those either. Seems I have my hands a little over full at this time of the year every year! :(

So I think this evening I will get out there and try to get some planted in those little peat pots! Sure wish they’d had them marked half price so I could have loaded up on them. lol I don’t know how much these things normally run because I’ve never bought any. But 1.00 didn’t seem too high.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

I went to a local thrift store this evening to take some things I didn’t want. While I was there I wanted to look around. So I did and I found this lamp which is much bigger (as you can see) than the ones I already had filled with seashells. I wanted a really large one so now I have one. I walked up to the cashier and asked her how much it was because it didn’t have a price on it and she said I could have it. She said she didn’t know if it worked or not because all it’s parts wasn’t with it. I KNEW I could make it work, and I told her I could. But she still give it to me. This is the same one that gave me the lighthouse pic a few months ago and said they wanted to bless me since I had blessed them. Now I have another special thing that will be special in our beachy bedroom. It was very dusty and so much so on the inside that it looked smokey. I got it home and took it apart and cleaned it.


The brown wicker table it is on, I bought for my friend. I found it and called her about it and she asked me to pick it up for her, so I did. She is my bestest friend in the whole wide world so I didn’t mind doing it for her at all. Anyway I wanted to take a pic of it outside and then I happen to think, get a pic of it with the smaller lamp beside it so you could see just how much larger this one is. Now I’ve got to find me a lamp shade for it and I have NO CLUE on what size to get for it now. See how much larger it is? Even with the shade on the smaller one, the lamp itself is the height of the lamp AND the shade on the other one. Wont this one be soooooooooo pretty with all those seashells?



I just had to show you more of this precious wicker table to. Don’t you just LOVE THOSE LEGS and THE CURVES? When I saw $7 on it I couldn’t believe it. It is VERY STURDY AND heavy to!!! I loved it but just didn’t have anywhere to put it. Plus I don’t have any wicker YET! ;) So I wanted my friend to get it IF she wanted it. She and I LOVE wicker stuff! Well actually we like A LOT of the same stuff! lol So happy she wanted it!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Was walking around out in the yard this evening while it was nice and cool. Wanted to get me a bouquet of hydrangeas for a vase. So while I was at it I brought the camera along. Here are some shots of the flowers and the yard. DD (dear daughter) took the one with the raindrops on the banana leaf. Cool pic  huh?


P5220869  This is some yellow daylilies blooming around the bluebird box.


Please ignore my beach umbrella. ;) I planted some wild hibiscus out there the other day and they were wilting so bad I stuck it up there for shade for them. In the pic you see red to the right of the pic and that is roses. Then yellow daylilies, and hydrangeas. Yesterday evening I transplanted some of my yellow cannas in the bed all the way from the gazebo to the end of the bed. All the PVC pipes you see sticking up in there are new plants that need watering and I figured this would be an easy way not to miss any of them.

Next is wave petunia. I bought two of these about a month or so back and they are loving the areas I planted them in.  This one is looking really nice and is as big around as a car tire already! I really need to fertilize it.




I have white, and purple butterfly bushes blooming toward the back of the bed, which is to your right. I have lantana blooming and some other lilies blooming that I can’t seem to think of right now. The blooms are white with light pinkish lines in them.


Close up of hydrangeas. They’re in bad need of some fertilizer. I guess I need to do some research on WHAT kind to put on them.



A smaller one. This is it’s first year to bloom.


One of the yellow cannas. Their blooms are orange if I am remembering right. I have loads of these things now. I planted a small one just a few years back and now the bed they’re in is full of them. I was trying to thin them out and you can’t even tell I did anything.


And I think this one is Queen Anne’s Lace which I DEARLY LOVE! I planted a few plants 2-3 years ago and one bloomed and bloomed and the other did nothing. I babied it and babied it. Anyway this one has been here since last summer with not ONE BLOOM! So I am HOPING it blooms THIS SUMMER!

Last but not least, the bluebird box area again. There are eggs in it by the way. See the little plant at the foot of the post? That is another hydrangea plant.


OK one more and that’s it. Cindy at the My Romantic Home blog was sharing a recipe with some cookies the other day and I never did find the cookies. But had all the ingredients so I made homemade biscuits and put it in them instead. It was  good but the biscuits wasn’t sweet so I figure it would have been MUCH BETTER with the Stella Odra cookies instead of the biscuits.


Bumper Crops

LOL Yeah right… well we might have a bumper crop of the blueberries. ;)


This is our bumper crop of apples. We have this one and one more. :( This one is about the size of a kewi. The trees have been here for 19 plus years now and they are barely head high and litterly covered in this mossy gray scale stuff. DH has got out there and scraped it off with his knife to where there was NONE left on the tree and then in no time it was back again. So that’s how our apple business around here goes.


Now for the blueberries……. We always have loads of these even though they’re not really taken care of.P5220878

P5220875 P5220874

This tags are a good 8” long.

Now for our corn patch. My DH’ brother did the plowing and planting with the tractor. It sure is pretty right now. His brother came over this evening telling us to get ready because in a few days we had to put up corn. He’s thinking 7-10 days and we’ll need to start putting it up. He’s saying I could fill two freezer off just 3 rows. I’m not sure about that. LOL All I know is, it’s pretty.



The beige thing you see lying there in the grass, that is my archway DH built for me. I’m going to put some white lattice work around the outside of it and plant the white running rose on each side of it. It should pretty well have it covered in two summers the way the thing grows! You can see the corn off in the distance in these two pix.


I will make another post of yard pix in a few minutes.

Hope you all enjoyed our crops. ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Late, But Better Late Than Never

We planted the garden today. We have worked out there in it basically since lunch time. I am so tired and EVERYTHING on me hurts! lol

I planted a row of squash, a row of cucumbers, red and green bell peppers and sweet banana peppers. On the row of cucumbers I planted half the row with burp less cukes and the other half with canning cukes. I like to use dill pickles in my coleslaw, potato salad, and my tuna fish salads. SO I needed some more dill pickles canned. We put up a fence to let the cukes run on this year. We got the tomatoes planted the other day and piled high with pine straw to keep them well mulched. I WISH I had room for a few hills of egg plants because man I love those things! Might have to get me a few plants and just stick them out in the flower bed. lol

It started raining on us and we both got wet trying to finish it. We were trying to get the fence put up so I would know just where to plant the cucumbers so they could run on the fence. Man I sure am glad I don’t have to build fences for a living because we would starve to death! LOL

Now all we lack in the garden is putting down the rest of the shingles so we will have paths in the garden and no grass. Then when the seeds come up we’ve got to mulch all of that.  DH said we should go back and plant some more cucumbers on the other side of the fence as well. Oh my goodness we will have enough cukes to supply our county with! lol

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Planting The Garden

Have you ever heard of lasagna gardening? We did our garden like that year before last and it did so good. It’s loads of work though and much easier just to till the thing and set your plants out. What you do is layers of stuff like newspaper, cardboard, grass clippings, soil, hay, pine straw, etc. When we first did it we didn’t even mess with the grass that was in the spot we wanted the garden to be. We just put some PVC pipes into the ground at each corner as big as we wanted our garden to be. Then we put down cardboard boxes laid out flat. Then piled on some grass clippings, then some newspapers, then some soil on that, then some more paper. Then we put on the pine straw on the top after we cut out small holes to plant the plants into and planted the plants. You can also buy you some red worms and put in your spot and they will help break it all down for you. I bought some at the fish bait shop and put them on our garden. We didn’t use any chemicals at all that year in our garden and that was the best tasting tomatoes I ever put into my mouth. I ate them like an apple and I’m not one for tomatoes usually. I got very sick off of a can of tomato juice when I was a teen and that did me on tomatoes. To this day I haven’t drank any tomato juice.

Well this evening DH got the first row ready in the garden with the lasagna method. We didn’t have any cardboard boxes this time and I like those better than the newspaper because it takes longer to break down the newspaper if you can believe that. We planted our 7 tomatoes in the bed. There is a mound of ants at the end of the row that I have GOT to figure out HOW to get to leave without using poison in our garden! I know if I soak the garden really well they will leave but I don’t want to water log the tomatoes either. They don’t like water logged soil. So I am trying to figure out a way without using chemicals to make them leave! UGHHHHH

I am also going to put down a fence on the outer side of the garden from the tomatoes to plant some cucumber seeds beside so they can run up the fence and not all in our yard. Then when they come up I will mulch them really well so they will do good and maybe we wont have to water it so much.

I’ve already got a couple of banana pepper plants to put in it and we want a couple bell pepper plants and some hot pepper plants to. I’d like to have some squash as well.  I just hope we’re not too late getting all this planted!

I’ll have to get a pic of our garden as the plants grow. The tomatoes were chest high in gallon pots and we planted them deep into the soil so they will have good root systems and do better we hope. Their color isn’t the best in the world but I hope to change that shortly by giving them some good cow manure or duck manure. I will do it like the manure tea you make so it can soak in the water a little while before I add it to the soil. That should make them a pretty dark green. They have blooms all over them now. So now that they are in the soil they should take off.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Planting Flowers

Well I got 15 of the pots of flowers planted this evening. Got them all bedded down with pine straw and watered as well. I’ve got to get the periwinkles transplanted in the morning because there are two to each little 4” pot and I want to separate them so I will have twice the amount. I bought a tray of 12 I think it was so this way I will have 24. :) I might have to stick up a beach umbrella over my wild hibiscus because the sun was making them really wilt today. They were in the shade where I bought them but I have had them at the edge of the patio in partial sun since Sat. and never did see them wilt so I thought they’d be ok. We’ll see tomorrow I guess. DH cut down a sycamore in the winter like in Jan. I guess it was and he didn’t get it all cut up for firewood yet. So I was tired of looking at it in our yard and I hooked a rope up to it and the lawn mower and pulled the thing out of the yard. lol The limbs had dried on it and they fell off like dead leaves as I pulled the thing. So I had to back track and pick up all the limbs. But at least it’s OUT OF OUR YARD NOW and I wont have to keep mowing around the thing. Plus it looks SO MUCH BETTER! ;)

So now if all of my plants make it that will be really pretty because I planted some of those wine colored leafed shrubs and there is red maple I have planted down the flower bed a ways and it will pull it all together I hope. I planted 3 of those close together. The 300 foot flower bed is slowly getting filled up with plants. Now to do some round up tomorrow or the next day because some of the beds are getting grass in them. ALWAYS something to do around here! What about at your house? Something always to do around yours as well?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yep I am idle on the bedroom for the moment. I went shopping today for more plants to fill up this 300 foot flower bed. lol I am ALMOST there! ;) Meaning I almost have it full! DD gave me some money for Mother's Day and I got several things at the little mans place and then went to Walmart and found some pretty periwinkles for 1/2 off and bought a tray of those. Each 4" pot had 2 plants in it so I am going to re pot them so I will have more plants. I am thinking about planting them all around the edge of the flower bed. Then I also bought 2 six pack cell pots of the wax begonias. I should be pretty busy planting plants for the next few days!
I needed to be painting the bedroom floor but have had all this sinus mess and was afraid to get started with the paint with this breathing problem. I guess I will get that poor floor painted one of these days. I have my bedroom furniture in the shop to sell. Hopefully it will sell real soon and I can find that dream dresser and night stands I am wanting! Do you all remember the off white bedroom suit with the gold on it in the 70's? The night stand with the little drawers and the Queen Anne legs? That's my dream bedroom suit! The bedroom suit I had was just TOO BIG for our bedroom. When I was putting the polish on it I ALMOST decided not to get rid of it. Yep sure did! DD says now Momma you have had nothing good to say about the thing for years now. It's just TOO BIG FOR THAT ROOM! PLUS it's DARK and I HATE DARK furniture! She said you can't put the dresser but in one spot, you can't move it around like you like. I'm like thank you DD I KNEW I came in here to talk to you for some reason! ;) So away it went in my sisters truck and my SUV to the shop! lol

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garage Sale and Blessings

DH took me today to a flower nursery to get me some plants that I had asked for for my Mothers Day present. They asked me what I wanted a few weeks back and I told them, “some flats of annuals, flowers, and you two to help me get them planted.” lol Well needless to say, DD says I’m trying to get my place to look like Bellingrath Gardens. lol  Which it is FARRRRRRRRRRRRR from looking even close to. ;) She was joking, well I think she was. ;) Anyway so we went to shop for some plants today. On the way home I noticed a guy sitting on the side of the road selling tomatoes and they looked good, so I stopped. Beside the guy in the truck was a lady having a garage sale. So I asked DH to chat with the guy about the mators while I go look. I had just told them a couple weeks ago I needed to find me some summer blouses because since DH has retired and we eat out a lot, I have gained some weight that has my clothes a little uncomfortable on me. lol  SOOOOO I was just telling them I just had to find me something to wear!! I’m looking around this garage sale and notice some blouses hanging up inside and she tells me all the clothes are .50-1.00. I go inside looking around the little building and I find all kinds of blouses! I wound up getting 16 there! YEAH you read that right! 16 ……. I don’t think I have EVER bought that many new (to me) at one time. Some were winter or what I would call winter because I am VERY HOT natured. So they will be winter ones for me. But lots of them I can wear as summer. Anyway I get those and 3 candle holders and my total comes to 12.00. So needless to say He supplied my NEED yet again!!! :) I KNOW where it all comes from and I do thank Him for the blessings! 

So I was telling my DH I got a good Mothers Day present there. One of the blouses I really love. It is a blue and white pin stripe cotton shirt with butterflies on the yoke in little pearls. When I told DH I liked that one best he says, yeah that one looks just like ya. I don’t go by style, I wear what I like. P5100790

Here is a pic of the yoke of the blouse. Isn’t this so pretty?

I thought about my little buddy Mattie when I saw this one with the butterflies on it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to wish all the Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!!!! And to tell you about mine so far. DH and DD asked me when I wanted to go out for M.D. and I told them tonight because it wouldn’t be soooo crowded and would be more relaxing tonight and then they wanted to know where…….. Then I said Mack’s. It’s a fish and seafood place around here. We usually go out to eat and they also get me a present or him one for Fathers Day when that comes around. But we always have to go eat somewhere to. So that’s what we did, went to eat seafood. They have a deck out back so you can sit on and eat close to the river. As we were finishing up getting ready to leave I noticed this critter swimming the river coming in our direction. It was a raccoon my daughter said, and it was. It was sooooo cute!!! We both started grabbing for our cameras. Here are some shots I got of it and the nasty looking river along with a very pretty cypress tree. She actually got some pix of it swimming the river. I’ll have to get them from her. I ran and got it some food to toss to it. It’s eating some boiled shrimp and some crawfish. After that everyone along the edge started tossing it some food. It ate high on the hog tonight. ;) OR should I said high on the crawfish and shrimp? ;)




I guess it’s thanking me for the food now. lol


Hubby was making a noise at it trying to get it to stand up and it did, but my pic is blurry.




Boardwalk in front of the place.


Last but not least, the moon………lol perfect ending for a LOVELY evening!

I had a wonderful time communing with nature! I could have sit there all night but hubby had conquered dinner and was ready to move on to something else. LOL 


Edited to add dear daughters pix…….

I thought this was a pretty shot of the river. This looks like the Amazon river don’t it? lol It’s sooooo nasty looking!


Now for the little raccoon swimming the river to get to our side.


He made it to the other side……


Nice shot D.D.


VERY NICE EVENING INDEED! Just wish my sister and her husband could have been with us and it would have been even better! :) Maybe next time! :)


Went to my favorite thrift store today and found a few small things and a piece of carpet as well. My plans are to put some seam binding on the edge of the carpet and use it for a rug in our bedroom beside our bed or if it's large enough, under the bed to. It wasn't but 5.00 and looks like really nice carpet and hasn't been used. Looks like a left over piece. Also found a little butter knife you use having teas, a stainless steel coffee pot you use on the stove top,a pretty stain glass piece, 2 really nice baskets, a WIN 98 CD for my nieces computer, and a couple more things. I think it was like 7 something for all of that.
I also found a pretty lace curtain panel and a pretty piece of lace that someone had cut. I don't know if it used to be a tablecloth or what but it's pretty and I think it was like 1.55 at the Salv. Army thrift store. I have them in the washer now. I dearly love lace things!!! You should see all the battenburg and lace panels I have. One day I'm going to figure out something to do with them all. The battenburg ones are shower curtains I have found at the thrift stores for almost nothing. One is just gorgious and I will have to take a pic and show you that one.
I also found a neat picture frame for 1.00 that I want to use in our bedroom. In it you put all 4x6 pix and they are horizontal and vertical. I think it will really be neat when I get my beach pix in it that I took at Gulf Shores last summer.
I haven't even been to any garage sales yet this summer! I think it's about time my sis and I find some to check out. lol

Deer Feeding

Tonight the deer came again like they do every night. I made some green apple crisp yesterday and the apple peelings and cores we put out there for them to eat. They came at 11 tonight so that was early for them. They musta smelled the apples. lol I had to lighten up the pix some so you could see them. It is two doe. We think one is the Momma and the other is the baby deer that fed around our house last summer. But these two come every night. They can hear a pin drop to. You make a sound and their heads AND ears fly up.


P5070747 P5070745

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Garden Party

Rhoda over at Southern Hosp. blog was having a garden party yesterday and I missed it. :( So I figured I would post some pix of mine today. Hers was sure pretty and I love her birdbath she found at a garage sale!
I dearly love working out in the yard and making it pretty.


Lets start out this party with the fountain pix. The table on the left there, a friend gave me the table and I found the glass and I’m going to get it cut to fit the table.


A different angle of the fountain. It’s in the corner of our patio. We have two patios joining each other. We made this one several years ago with the cobblestone form you can find at Lowe’s. It took us the whole weekend to make it and we were using a friends concrete machine. I wound up hurting my back picking up a 5 gallon bucket of the concrete that was mixed up and had to sit it out for a day. We did it on a Memorial Day weekend.P5070713

This is a house plant that I sit outside on the carport. There is two plants in the pot. Last fall I got the dark  green leafed plant from my SIL and since it was too late to plant it in the yard I stuck it in this pot with my house plant. It’s loving it’s home as you can see. It blooms little yellow flowers that kind of look like marigolds. When I got it in the fall it was just 3-4 six inch pieces. I just love this plant!


Now for the 300 foot bed. I made this bed to close in the back yard. I just had wayyyy too much to mow! There are several of these pix.


A rose I have planted in it. I have these all along the 300 foot bed. It’s small right now but it will get over head high.


One of my hybrid daylilies in the bed. I have all kinds of them in the bed. This is the only one blooming right now.


Please excuse the tree on the ground in the background. We cut down some old sycamore trees that were making a mess in the yard. Their roots were coming above the soil and the mower was hitting them as well. I did the little rock paths a couple years back for paths in the bed.


Still in the back yard but not still in the 300 foot bed. This is off of the patio behind the fountain. These are cannas.


In the same flower bed. Elephant ears. They are getting huge already. I LOVE tropical looking plants!!!


Now for the tame honeysuckle. I planted this many years ago to hide the old ugly butane tank which is gone now. THANK THE LORD! Below is a close up pic of the bloom.


OK now for the front yard. We have a large pond in the front yard as you can see from the pix.


I am trying to make a cottage/southern looking garden and as maintenance free as I possible can because we’re not getting any younger. Most of the things you see I did basically myself but DH has started helping me these days thank goodness!!!
The oak in the pic above got really damaged during Katrina. :( Lots of limbs had to be cut off and I was not a happy camper because this is the one and only oak we have in our front yard. It was here when we built the house. About where the little lady figurine is, was a hole about waist deep all along there where the cows walked day after day going into the hollow there where the pond is now. We had the pond built. It wasn’t there when the cows made the trench in the soil beside the tree.


I planted the daylilies along the walkway about 6 or so years ago. They are just now starting to bloom.

The next pix are on the south side of our house where the drive is as well. The timber frame there is the filter for my goldfish pond. I have a patio table and chair set sitting off to the side there because my plans are to remove the filter and put another smaller one on the side of the pond to the right of the pic and then make a small brick patio where the filter is now for the patio table.



The bed up the hill from the filter was just done this spring. We planted cape jasmines, yellow daylilies and amaryllis in it.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my garden pix.