Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gazebo and Me Falling

While at Lowe's this evening I found something that I think will work to put the little netting on the gazebo. It's little screw in eye things. I can drill a small hole with the drill and then screw them in place. Then I can put the elastic through the eye on the little screw to attach it to the gazebo.

Let me tell you what happened to me today! We went and had lunch with our daughter. She had to work today but we went and had lunch with her. When we took her back to work, she and DH were sitting there talking so I told them, while you are talking I am going to run over there and mail this Netflix movie at the post office. I noticed when I was walking up the steps the calf of my left leg kept wanting to crap up on me. I have the ruptured disk in my back with all those bulging etc. I've been over doing lately so I have it a little inflamed I guess is why the calf keeps trying to crap up. So anyway I deposited the movie and was walking back down the steps. There was a lady coming behind me and I had held the door open so it wouldn't slam in her face. Anyway so I was walking down the steps in front of her. The calf of my left leg started trying to crap up again so I was trying to get on down the steps so I could walk right and it wouldn't get in a crap on me. With it trying to crap up, that had my attention and I completely missed that last step and started falling forward on my face. I caught myself with both hands on the ground and both knees hit the concrete walk. Well needless to say, it couldn't have been a nice smooth concrete walk, it had to have large rocks in the concrete that stuck up above it. Can you say OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH???????????? I mean I busted it right there on the thing! The skin pure peeled back on my knee. Thank goodness it was the ONLY knee that happened to. Needless to say I am mega sore now. Even my elbows hurt and my shoulders because I tried the break the fall with my arms because I saw I was going to land on my face on that concrete it I didn't catch myself. lol My hip joints and my lower back is also hurting. Oh AND the knee I peeled the hide back on. I was so embarrassed I could have crawled UNDER one of those cars! The nice lady came running over to help me and call someone if I needed her to. I had to sit there for a moment because the calf was really trying to crap up now. Anyway a guy was getting out of his car and I guess he seen the whole thing to. He came over and she got one arm and he got the other to help me up off the concrete. Both of them were SO NICE! I think I thanked them but I was so embarrassed I can't remember! :( DD carries a emergency kit in her car and I hobbled back to my car which was across the road where they were still sitting chatting, and opened the door and was trying to ask her to go get it when she saw my knee. OH MOMMA WHAT HAPPENED? I said I fell down the steps! WHAT?????? Yep, HOW DID YOU DO THAT? lol easy! anyway so she made me a make shift ice pack after getting my knee all cleaned up and Neospromium sp? ointment put on it and a clean gauze. It's swollen a little and not hurting nothing like it was. One of the rocks made a hole down in my skin but it finally came back up like it's suppose to be. Since I am a diabetic I'll have to keep it mega clean and covered with salve on it to keep it from getting infected. I don't think I'm going to have any brusing thankx to DD and her thinking of that ice pack! Anyway that was my exciting day. I sure hope your's was MUCH better than mine! :)
Have a great weekend!

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21stCB said...

ODOM! So sorry! OUCH!