Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

I went to a local thrift store this evening to take some things I didn’t want. While I was there I wanted to look around. So I did and I found this lamp which is much bigger (as you can see) than the ones I already had filled with seashells. I wanted a really large one so now I have one. I walked up to the cashier and asked her how much it was because it didn’t have a price on it and she said I could have it. She said she didn’t know if it worked or not because all it’s parts wasn’t with it. I KNEW I could make it work, and I told her I could. But she still give it to me. This is the same one that gave me the lighthouse pic a few months ago and said they wanted to bless me since I had blessed them. Now I have another special thing that will be special in our beachy bedroom. It was very dusty and so much so on the inside that it looked smokey. I got it home and took it apart and cleaned it.


The brown wicker table it is on, I bought for my friend. I found it and called her about it and she asked me to pick it up for her, so I did. She is my bestest friend in the whole wide world so I didn’t mind doing it for her at all. Anyway I wanted to take a pic of it outside and then I happen to think, get a pic of it with the smaller lamp beside it so you could see just how much larger this one is. Now I’ve got to find me a lamp shade for it and I have NO CLUE on what size to get for it now. See how much larger it is? Even with the shade on the smaller one, the lamp itself is the height of the lamp AND the shade on the other one. Wont this one be soooooooooo pretty with all those seashells?



I just had to show you more of this precious wicker table to. Don’t you just LOVE THOSE LEGS and THE CURVES? When I saw $7 on it I couldn’t believe it. It is VERY STURDY AND heavy to!!! I loved it but just didn’t have anywhere to put it. Plus I don’t have any wicker YET! ;) So I wanted my friend to get it IF she wanted it. She and I LOVE wicker stuff! Well actually we like A LOT of the same stuff! lol So happy she wanted it!!!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Rose, that's a very neat lamp, I love those that you can fill up with shells. And what a deal?! You can't beat free!