Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to wish all the Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!!!! And to tell you about mine so far. DH and DD asked me when I wanted to go out for M.D. and I told them tonight because it wouldn’t be soooo crowded and would be more relaxing tonight and then they wanted to know where…….. Then I said Mack’s. It’s a fish and seafood place around here. We usually go out to eat and they also get me a present or him one for Fathers Day when that comes around. But we always have to go eat somewhere to. So that’s what we did, went to eat seafood. They have a deck out back so you can sit on and eat close to the river. As we were finishing up getting ready to leave I noticed this critter swimming the river coming in our direction. It was a raccoon my daughter said, and it was. It was sooooo cute!!! We both started grabbing for our cameras. Here are some shots I got of it and the nasty looking river along with a very pretty cypress tree. She actually got some pix of it swimming the river. I’ll have to get them from her. I ran and got it some food to toss to it. It’s eating some boiled shrimp and some crawfish. After that everyone along the edge started tossing it some food. It ate high on the hog tonight. ;) OR should I said high on the crawfish and shrimp? ;)




I guess it’s thanking me for the food now. lol


Hubby was making a noise at it trying to get it to stand up and it did, but my pic is blurry.




Boardwalk in front of the place.


Last but not least, the moon………lol perfect ending for a LOVELY evening!

I had a wonderful time communing with nature! I could have sit there all night but hubby had conquered dinner and was ready to move on to something else. LOL 


Edited to add dear daughters pix…….

I thought this was a pretty shot of the river. This looks like the Amazon river don’t it? lol It’s sooooo nasty looking!


Now for the little raccoon swimming the river to get to our side.


He made it to the other side……


Nice shot D.D.


VERY NICE EVENING INDEED! Just wish my sister and her husband could have been with us and it would have been even better! :) Maybe next time! :)

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