Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garage Sale and Blessings

DH took me today to a flower nursery to get me some plants that I had asked for for my Mothers Day present. They asked me what I wanted a few weeks back and I told them, “some flats of annuals, flowers, and you two to help me get them planted.” lol Well needless to say, DD says I’m trying to get my place to look like Bellingrath Gardens. lol  Which it is FARRRRRRRRRRRRR from looking even close to. ;) She was joking, well I think she was. ;) Anyway so we went to shop for some plants today. On the way home I noticed a guy sitting on the side of the road selling tomatoes and they looked good, so I stopped. Beside the guy in the truck was a lady having a garage sale. So I asked DH to chat with the guy about the mators while I go look. I had just told them a couple weeks ago I needed to find me some summer blouses because since DH has retired and we eat out a lot, I have gained some weight that has my clothes a little uncomfortable on me. lol  SOOOOO I was just telling them I just had to find me something to wear!! I’m looking around this garage sale and notice some blouses hanging up inside and she tells me all the clothes are .50-1.00. I go inside looking around the little building and I find all kinds of blouses! I wound up getting 16 there! YEAH you read that right! 16 ……. I don’t think I have EVER bought that many new (to me) at one time. Some were winter or what I would call winter because I am VERY HOT natured. So they will be winter ones for me. But lots of them I can wear as summer. Anyway I get those and 3 candle holders and my total comes to 12.00. So needless to say He supplied my NEED yet again!!! :) I KNOW where it all comes from and I do thank Him for the blessings! 

So I was telling my DH I got a good Mothers Day present there. One of the blouses I really love. It is a blue and white pin stripe cotton shirt with butterflies on the yoke in little pearls. When I told DH I liked that one best he says, yeah that one looks just like ya. I don’t go by style, I wear what I like. P5100790

Here is a pic of the yoke of the blouse. Isn’t this so pretty?

I thought about my little buddy Mattie when I saw this one with the butterflies on it.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Rose, good for you! I have found so many great clothes at the yardsales. I'm so glad you scored on that too.

Debbie said...

Very pretty blouse. Debbie

21stCB said...

very pretty and nice colors! hope to see you in it soon!