Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peat Pots and Flowers

While at the Dollar General earlier this evening I found some little peat pots for 1.00 a pack. I think there is like 8-10 in the pack. I have a few packs of flower seeds I haven’t gotten into the ground yet so I thought I could stick them in the peat pots and they would transplant better since I am really doing this kind of late. BUT I really need to get these seeds in some soil! I bought a herd of them last year as well and never did plant those either. Seems I have my hands a little over full at this time of the year every year! :(

So I think this evening I will get out there and try to get some planted in those little peat pots! Sure wish they’d had them marked half price so I could have loaded up on them. lol I don’t know how much these things normally run because I’ve never bought any. But 1.00 didn’t seem too high.

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