Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yep I am idle on the bedroom for the moment. I went shopping today for more plants to fill up this 300 foot flower bed. lol I am ALMOST there! ;) Meaning I almost have it full! DD gave me some money for Mother's Day and I got several things at the little mans place and then went to Walmart and found some pretty periwinkles for 1/2 off and bought a tray of those. Each 4" pot had 2 plants in it so I am going to re pot them so I will have more plants. I am thinking about planting them all around the edge of the flower bed. Then I also bought 2 six pack cell pots of the wax begonias. I should be pretty busy planting plants for the next few days!
I needed to be painting the bedroom floor but have had all this sinus mess and was afraid to get started with the paint with this breathing problem. I guess I will get that poor floor painted one of these days. I have my bedroom furniture in the shop to sell. Hopefully it will sell real soon and I can find that dream dresser and night stands I am wanting! Do you all remember the off white bedroom suit with the gold on it in the 70's? The night stand with the little drawers and the Queen Anne legs? That's my dream bedroom suit! The bedroom suit I had was just TOO BIG for our bedroom. When I was putting the polish on it I ALMOST decided not to get rid of it. Yep sure did! DD says now Momma you have had nothing good to say about the thing for years now. It's just TOO BIG FOR THAT ROOM! PLUS it's DARK and I HATE DARK furniture! She said you can't put the dresser but in one spot, you can't move it around like you like. I'm like thank you DD I KNEW I came in here to talk to you for some reason! ;) So away it went in my sisters truck and my SUV to the shop! lol

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