Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Garden Party

Rhoda over at Southern Hosp. blog was having a garden party yesterday and I missed it. :( So I figured I would post some pix of mine today. Hers was sure pretty and I love her birdbath she found at a garage sale!
I dearly love working out in the yard and making it pretty.


Lets start out this party with the fountain pix. The table on the left there, a friend gave me the table and I found the glass and I’m going to get it cut to fit the table.


A different angle of the fountain. It’s in the corner of our patio. We have two patios joining each other. We made this one several years ago with the cobblestone form you can find at Lowe’s. It took us the whole weekend to make it and we were using a friends concrete machine. I wound up hurting my back picking up a 5 gallon bucket of the concrete that was mixed up and had to sit it out for a day. We did it on a Memorial Day weekend.P5070713

This is a house plant that I sit outside on the carport. There is two plants in the pot. Last fall I got the dark  green leafed plant from my SIL and since it was too late to plant it in the yard I stuck it in this pot with my house plant. It’s loving it’s home as you can see. It blooms little yellow flowers that kind of look like marigolds. When I got it in the fall it was just 3-4 six inch pieces. I just love this plant!


Now for the 300 foot bed. I made this bed to close in the back yard. I just had wayyyy too much to mow! There are several of these pix.


A rose I have planted in it. I have these all along the 300 foot bed. It’s small right now but it will get over head high.


One of my hybrid daylilies in the bed. I have all kinds of them in the bed. This is the only one blooming right now.


Please excuse the tree on the ground in the background. We cut down some old sycamore trees that were making a mess in the yard. Their roots were coming above the soil and the mower was hitting them as well. I did the little rock paths a couple years back for paths in the bed.


Still in the back yard but not still in the 300 foot bed. This is off of the patio behind the fountain. These are cannas.


In the same flower bed. Elephant ears. They are getting huge already. I LOVE tropical looking plants!!!


Now for the tame honeysuckle. I planted this many years ago to hide the old ugly butane tank which is gone now. THANK THE LORD! Below is a close up pic of the bloom.


OK now for the front yard. We have a large pond in the front yard as you can see from the pix.


I am trying to make a cottage/southern looking garden and as maintenance free as I possible can because we’re not getting any younger. Most of the things you see I did basically myself but DH has started helping me these days thank goodness!!!
The oak in the pic above got really damaged during Katrina. :( Lots of limbs had to be cut off and I was not a happy camper because this is the one and only oak we have in our front yard. It was here when we built the house. About where the little lady figurine is, was a hole about waist deep all along there where the cows walked day after day going into the hollow there where the pond is now. We had the pond built. It wasn’t there when the cows made the trench in the soil beside the tree.


I planted the daylilies along the walkway about 6 or so years ago. They are just now starting to bloom.

The next pix are on the south side of our house where the drive is as well. The timber frame there is the filter for my goldfish pond. I have a patio table and chair set sitting off to the side there because my plans are to remove the filter and put another smaller one on the side of the pond to the right of the pic and then make a small brick patio where the filter is now for the patio table.



The bed up the hill from the filter was just done this spring. We planted cape jasmines, yellow daylilies and amaryllis in it.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my garden pix.


Susan said...

Your garden and all of your outdoors is just gorgeous. I am so envious. I read your posts on building the pond and paths a while back. You have worked really hard and it shows. You must be really proud. How much land do you have there? Hope you are feeling better!!

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Susan! You can do it to. :) We have almost 12 acres here. I am feeling better but still have the congestion. Thank you!