Friday, May 22, 2009

Bumper Crops

LOL Yeah right… well we might have a bumper crop of the blueberries. ;)


This is our bumper crop of apples. We have this one and one more. :( This one is about the size of a kewi. The trees have been here for 19 plus years now and they are barely head high and litterly covered in this mossy gray scale stuff. DH has got out there and scraped it off with his knife to where there was NONE left on the tree and then in no time it was back again. So that’s how our apple business around here goes.


Now for the blueberries……. We always have loads of these even though they’re not really taken care of.P5220878

P5220875 P5220874

This tags are a good 8” long.

Now for our corn patch. My DH’ brother did the plowing and planting with the tractor. It sure is pretty right now. His brother came over this evening telling us to get ready because in a few days we had to put up corn. He’s thinking 7-10 days and we’ll need to start putting it up. He’s saying I could fill two freezer off just 3 rows. I’m not sure about that. LOL All I know is, it’s pretty.



The beige thing you see lying there in the grass, that is my archway DH built for me. I’m going to put some white lattice work around the outside of it and plant the white running rose on each side of it. It should pretty well have it covered in two summers the way the thing grows! You can see the corn off in the distance in these two pix.


I will make another post of yard pix in a few minutes.

Hope you all enjoyed our crops. ;)

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21stCB said...

WOW - those blueberries are incredibly huge! Love running roses!