Friday, May 29, 2009

All Sorts of Stuff ;)

First off, I got out there yesterday evening and put up my screen on the gazebo. I think it looks much better with this on it than nothing on it. I’m not done with it yet. I want to put something on the top of it like a finial or something like that. Do you think I need to remove the lattice work on the front of it? I KNOW it NEEDS something but can’t put my finger on it. I know it needs something on the top of it. I am going to put some Velcro around the edges to hold the netting on. I just clamped it in place for right now just to see how it looked. Oh notice the little white cat on the inside of the netting on the first pic. Talk about nosey! That's one nosey heffer! lol



Then second, here is my tablecloth I made last night. My friend Tammy gave me this little patio set and I dearly love it! My DH fixed the hole that was in the middle of it because we weren’t ever going to have an umbrella. I am in the process as I said in last nights post of making little round cushions for the chairs to match the curtain. I cut out two of the tablecloths and had thought about putting some white lace insets in the other one.


Tammy here is the hydrangea you wanted to see. It’s not quite as intense blue as it was and you can’t tell really by the pix. SO ;) IF you’ll just come see me, you can see in person. Hee hee P5290910

Last but not least…… a deer feeder. My DH wanted his brother to help him make one and they were suppose to make it yesterday but his brother had to go tend to something. Well it didn’t take as long as he  thought it would so he got home and started making the feeder. Then comes down here to measure the tin for the roof and told my DH he already had it built. So he brought it over here today. Now DH has to put the tin on the roof and paint it. He’s going to paint it brown. DH wanted an area on one end to put a salt block so that is the little area to the right in the pic. DH wanted the 4x4 posts on the bottom in case we needed to move it for some reason we’d have something to tie the rope to but dear brother drilled holes in the 2x4’s to tie the rope to! Wasn’t that a smart idea? :) I think he did very well on it! Great job there brother in law! Great job! Now can’t wait to see the deer feeding out of it.



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21stCB said...

Gorgeous BLUE hydrangea! That's the blue I love best! Loved your table set :).