Friday, May 8, 2009


Went to my favorite thrift store today and found a few small things and a piece of carpet as well. My plans are to put some seam binding on the edge of the carpet and use it for a rug in our bedroom beside our bed or if it's large enough, under the bed to. It wasn't but 5.00 and looks like really nice carpet and hasn't been used. Looks like a left over piece. Also found a little butter knife you use having teas, a stainless steel coffee pot you use on the stove top,a pretty stain glass piece, 2 really nice baskets, a WIN 98 CD for my nieces computer, and a couple more things. I think it was like 7 something for all of that.
I also found a pretty lace curtain panel and a pretty piece of lace that someone had cut. I don't know if it used to be a tablecloth or what but it's pretty and I think it was like 1.55 at the Salv. Army thrift store. I have them in the washer now. I dearly love lace things!!! You should see all the battenburg and lace panels I have. One day I'm going to figure out something to do with them all. The battenburg ones are shower curtains I have found at the thrift stores for almost nothing. One is just gorgious and I will have to take a pic and show you that one.
I also found a neat picture frame for 1.00 that I want to use in our bedroom. In it you put all 4x6 pix and they are horizontal and vertical. I think it will really be neat when I get my beach pix in it that I took at Gulf Shores last summer.
I haven't even been to any garage sales yet this summer! I think it's about time my sis and I find some to check out. lol

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