Monday, May 18, 2009

Planting Flowers

Well I got 15 of the pots of flowers planted this evening. Got them all bedded down with pine straw and watered as well. I’ve got to get the periwinkles transplanted in the morning because there are two to each little 4” pot and I want to separate them so I will have twice the amount. I bought a tray of 12 I think it was so this way I will have 24. :) I might have to stick up a beach umbrella over my wild hibiscus because the sun was making them really wilt today. They were in the shade where I bought them but I have had them at the edge of the patio in partial sun since Sat. and never did see them wilt so I thought they’d be ok. We’ll see tomorrow I guess. DH cut down a sycamore in the winter like in Jan. I guess it was and he didn’t get it all cut up for firewood yet. So I was tired of looking at it in our yard and I hooked a rope up to it and the lawn mower and pulled the thing out of the yard. lol The limbs had dried on it and they fell off like dead leaves as I pulled the thing. So I had to back track and pick up all the limbs. But at least it’s OUT OF OUR YARD NOW and I wont have to keep mowing around the thing. Plus it looks SO MUCH BETTER! ;)

So now if all of my plants make it that will be really pretty because I planted some of those wine colored leafed shrubs and there is red maple I have planted down the flower bed a ways and it will pull it all together I hope. I planted 3 of those close together. The 300 foot flower bed is slowly getting filled up with plants. Now to do some round up tomorrow or the next day because some of the beds are getting grass in them. ALWAYS something to do around here! What about at your house? Something always to do around yours as well?

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