Friday, May 22, 2009


Was walking around out in the yard this evening while it was nice and cool. Wanted to get me a bouquet of hydrangeas for a vase. So while I was at it I brought the camera along. Here are some shots of the flowers and the yard. DD (dear daughter) took the one with the raindrops on the banana leaf. Cool pic  huh?


P5220869  This is some yellow daylilies blooming around the bluebird box.


Please ignore my beach umbrella. ;) I planted some wild hibiscus out there the other day and they were wilting so bad I stuck it up there for shade for them. In the pic you see red to the right of the pic and that is roses. Then yellow daylilies, and hydrangeas. Yesterday evening I transplanted some of my yellow cannas in the bed all the way from the gazebo to the end of the bed. All the PVC pipes you see sticking up in there are new plants that need watering and I figured this would be an easy way not to miss any of them.

Next is wave petunia. I bought two of these about a month or so back and they are loving the areas I planted them in.  This one is looking really nice and is as big around as a car tire already! I really need to fertilize it.




I have white, and purple butterfly bushes blooming toward the back of the bed, which is to your right. I have lantana blooming and some other lilies blooming that I can’t seem to think of right now. The blooms are white with light pinkish lines in them.


Close up of hydrangeas. They’re in bad need of some fertilizer. I guess I need to do some research on WHAT kind to put on them.



A smaller one. This is it’s first year to bloom.


One of the yellow cannas. Their blooms are orange if I am remembering right. I have loads of these things now. I planted a small one just a few years back and now the bed they’re in is full of them. I was trying to thin them out and you can’t even tell I did anything.


And I think this one is Queen Anne’s Lace which I DEARLY LOVE! I planted a few plants 2-3 years ago and one bloomed and bloomed and the other did nothing. I babied it and babied it. Anyway this one has been here since last summer with not ONE BLOOM! So I am HOPING it blooms THIS SUMMER!

Last but not least, the bluebird box area again. There are eggs in it by the way. See the little plant at the foot of the post? That is another hydrangea plant.


OK one more and that’s it. Cindy at the My Romantic Home blog was sharing a recipe with some cookies the other day and I never did find the cookies. But had all the ingredients so I made homemade biscuits and put it in them instead. It was  good but the biscuits wasn’t sweet so I figure it would have been MUCH BETTER with the Stella Odra cookies instead of the biscuits.


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21stCB said...

Pretty yard! Let me know what you do to your hydrangeas! Loving mine this year. Do you prune them?