Friday, May 29, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket

A big brown basket. ;) Wanted to show you what I found today at the thrift store. I stopped in to look and found this big ole thing. When I saw it, I thought, oh my goodness wont that be awesome to gather my garden in? It’s PURRRRRFECT! ;)

I asked her how much it was because there was no price on it. She said $4 and then she came over to where I was standing and looked at it and said $2. I said are you sure, she said yeah. I told her I was going to gather my veggies with it. I put the large teapot in the basket so you could see how large this thing is. It’s 2’ plus long. It’s about 6” or so deep and made VERY WELL for gathering a garden. And speaking of gardens, my cucumbers AND my squash is already up and is 3” tall now. I love my basket!!! :)



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