Saturday, January 26, 2013

Food Fermenting


Well I got everything I was fermenting in the fridge now except for the garlic and the sauerkraut. The sauerkraut goes in the fridge tomorrow though.

We tasted the dill garlic pickles and they needed more dill so I added some more but they were very nice and crispy! We really liked the nice and crispy!

Can’t wait to try the garlic and the other things to.


Just wanted to update you on how things are going in my fermenting world.


Worked around outside a little yesterday as we had 70 plus temps here. Man that was soooo nice! Just wish I’d had time and the energy to bleach everything down and clean it well to. But ran out of energy and had to quit.


Would love to know if you ferment any foods and what you have fermenting right now. Leave me a comment. I love them!



Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fermenting Foods

I am doing some studying on fermenting foods for the past few weeks. Wanted to share some links with you all in case you’d like to try this to.

I haven’t ever fermented anything but milk kefir and have been doing that now for almost a year.

In my search for better health since I’ve basically been sick for about a year and half now I started doing some study on this subject to help my gut. We’ve taken so many antibiotics and eat so much of that and hormones in our foods until our guts are making us sick so I understand. From what I am reading the gut, if it’s not right can cause all kinds of health problems. So this is WHY I am studying about this.

I asked several folks that do this about a book to get me started and all I asked said Nourishing Traditions and the Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation. I only have ordered the first book right now but haven’t gotten it yet.

I have googled fermenting foods and fermentation of foods video you tubes and have gotten a lot to watch.

I am going to post some links so you can check those out as well in case you’d like to learn about it as well.


FERMENTING FOODS FOR THE BEGINNER This is a 3 part study on it I just found.

Some of the info I am finding when watching the videos are contradicting each other so you have to be careful since just anyone can do a video on put it on here.



















OK that should you get started in your studies. You can do more research on your own because like I said I am new at this and haven’t even fermented any veggies yet. So I’m still in the study stage here but figured I would share what links I have found so far.


Edited to add: Found this just now and figured I would share it. It’s a free e-book and got some recipes.


This is the link to her page that I have been looking at and it’s very interesting! NOURISHED KITCHEN


Then I also found this interesting info on WHICH vessels one can use with their fermenting. NOURISHING TREASURES


ALSO if you’re planning on making sauerkraut or any shredded up foods, you might want to check this out. Going to make me a few of these. I have some little plastic things you cut food up on that I plan on using to make mine with. I made some sauerkraut yesterday evening and I COULD NOT get it all to stay down under the water even with a plastic zip-lock filled with brine water to hold it down with. I think this just might be the answer to this problem!



EDITED TO ADD MY FERMENTS I have fermenting now.  I started out using a plastic ziplock filled with brine for the weight but it wasn’t allowing the air to get through to the airlock to let it out so it was overflowing. So I changed to the collar I found on Sandors website. I like those collars! They really hold the stuff down. I cut mine out of little plastic cutting mats I found. I think there were 2 in each pack. I was able to cut like 3-4 collars from the 1 piece of plastic.


My sauerkraut fermenting. Took it out to check it. I’m keeping it in my ice chest wrapped up with a towel. Am keeping a gallon jug of hot water in it each day to help keep the temps up in the ice chest. Got the ice chest covered with a large thick beach towel since the lid wouldn’t close because of the air locks.


dill/garlic carrots I have fermenting. I didn’t have the weight on it yet nor the lid when I took the pic. You can see one of my collars here in this jug of carrots. This is a gallon jug. When I put my weight in there I filled it with more brine so the weight would be under it to.


1/2 gallon garlic/dill pickles fermenting. They’re in the fridge now. Collar in this one to.


1/2 gallon fermenting garlic. I started it today. Collar in this one to. I boiled some rocks to use as weights. I boiled them for like 25 minutes and also made sure all of them were smooth with no holes or cracks so I could make sure nothing was down inside.