Monday, September 28, 2009

Angie- One of God’s Angels


Angie Print


Angie (I’m not going to tell her middle name which she wasn’t fond of) was my cousin. My sister and I were raised with her and her family most of our life, off and on since we were little children. So she feels more like a sister to me and my sister than a cousin. She was such an elegant lady. She had the gift of hospitality and was always helping her Mom, her daughter Kayla, and her husband Bob, or Robert as she began calling him a few years ago. She was always helping everyone and I guess that’s why she chose the career she chose and then went on to purchase Savannah’s Florist in Grand Bay, AL. after working there for many many years.

Angie passed away Friday Sept. 25th. We all know where she is and that it’s a much better place than we’re in. But it is still going to be so hard to do.  It has just hit me this evening that she is really gone and I have cried and cried. We all just knew she was going to pull through her double pneumonia they said she had at the hospital. She wasn’t but 47 years of age and such full of life. It’s still hard to believe she is gone. We’re all still in shock!

The last time we saw her was a couple months back. We had went to her Mom’s, our Aunt to see them and her back was bothering her when she got off work so she wasn’t coming home from AL. She called and said her back was hurting so she wasn’t going to come. So after we all ate, we all decided to go to her and were going to take her and Bob some dinner. So we all loaded up in two cars and went to Grand Bay to see her and to surprise her. Surprise her we did. ;) There was like 8 of us altogether and when she saw us all she fell out laughing. We sat and chatted with them for a little while and even though her back was hurting she sat there and laughed and listened to us all talk.

When we were little kids they lived in a place that had a porch on the front of the house. It was the full width of the house and was fairly wide as well. We were playing around out there one day and one of her brothers was out there with us. I don’t know which one of us got the idea but we rolled his hair. He was younger than she was. He had a head full of hair to. She had 6 brothers and sisters. This ones name was Ben but we all called him Bee Beep. I don’t recall why we called him that, maybe because one of the children couldn’t say his name. ???? Anyway so we roll Bee Beeps red hair and he had a head full of rollers when we got finished. We had him all dolled up and we really had a blast doing it. We were laughing our heads off. Even Bee Beep was laughing. LOL BUT he doesn’t laugh now when we discuss it. ;) He’s like, let’s don’t go there! He sure did turn out to be a cute little guy to, even though we did roll his hair. ;) Sorry Ben! :)

Angie was truly a Proverbs 31 lady! She was a very classy lady indeed! I dearly love the way she had her hair styled for the past few years. My sister has a really good pic of her on her phone she took when we went to see her a couple months back. I want to put that pic on here when I get it from her.

We’re going to have to say our good-byes to her on Tuesday and it’s not going to be easy at all. In fact I dread it so bad and couldn’t relax to go to sleep tonight. I thought maybe if I put my thoughts down on my blog it might help me a little bit. I have prayed for the family, and have prayed for strength to get through this. I have prayed for poor Kaila who wont have her Mom that she is so close to anymore. My heart aches for her and her Mom, my Aunt Liller Mae. Angie lived next door to her Mom and she will miss her sooooo bad! Angie always called Kaila (her daughter) every night to check on them to make sure they were alright and were ready for bed. I am just SO GLAD Kaila has a husband and a daughter as well to help her get through this. It wont be the same as her Mom, but it will help.

Her brothers and sisters names are:

Nathan, Ben, Joseph, Jerry, Mitchell, Christie,

And like I said, we felt like we were also their sisters, Elaine and Rose.

Angie we all miss you already!!!! We love you!

Angie (Loper) Kitchens- September 8, 1962- September 25, 2009.

Thank you Susan and Tammy!!!! And thank ALL of you for your prayers!!! I surely felt them big time!!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shots Around My House

Walked outside to take my sisters dog out to potty and saw this and had to get the camera out.


P9240295 P9240294

Then from there I found more to photograph. lol



This is behind my fountain. I have 3 of these planted behind it. The other two get a little more light so the leaves on them are a yellowish color, not the deep green this one is. This started out as one small little plant out in the front of the house. I planted it in a bed I have under the oak out front. Then about 3-4 summers ago I decided I wanted to get some of it out to plant behind the fountain. You can barely see the edge of the fountain on the right side of the pic at the bottom. It is touching the fountain already. I might have to moved it back some later on. I LOVE these large tropical looking plants!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Paper Review

Did you know that you can review the Sunday paper coupon inserts before you get the Sunday paper? Well you can, neat huh? Scroll to the bottom of this page and you can see what coupon inserts will be in the next Sunday paper. I'm not sure if this is all over or if it's just in certain areas but so far it's been right on with our papers, so I hope it will be for yours as well. That way you will know ahead of time and you can get the number of papers you would like for that Sunday. I would check the inserts a few times before I bought the number of papers I wanted just to be sure the coupons the review is showing is what your coupons are for that week in your paper. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Thank you Lynn and Susan!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers! My sis is home now and getting stronger. The test results came back good and the cyst was just infection they said. They drew out a bunch of infection from the pancreas and then they also took a couple biopsy of it. When we left the hospital on Thursday they hadn't got the results back on the infection fluid but did on the biopsy.

She still has the kidney stone but I am HOPING they can get that thing out of there this next week!!!

Thank you all again! You’re the best!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Sister

Wanted to upddate you on my sister. She was put BACK into the hospt. here last Sat. They have finally figured out that her pancreaus has cyst in it. Yesterday evening they went in with a needle and pulled some of the fluid out of it and it was just infection. They also did a couple pieces to check to make sure it's ok. She still has the kidney stone but there was sooo much concern about the pancreaus at this point until they're dealing with it. She still has the stent in there. They said all her nausas and pain has been from the pancreaus and not the kidney. She has been sooooo sick! I have been with her since Sat. and am going back to the hsopt. tonight. Her husband drives an 18 wheeler and hasn't worked for two weeks now and needs to go back to work so I am going to stay with her there until she's released and then maybe she can come here and I can take care of her while he catches up on his work. We have her dog here now. She is in my arms while I type! lol can you say spolied? ;)She weighs 2 1/2 pounds. What a dog huh? ;) She's the color of the Taco Bell dog.
Anyway she is getting better but we're waiting on the results to that pancreaus now. I'm soooo glad she is better and being able to eat now!!!!! Just please keep praying because it's working! Also praying the results will be ok as well. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Sister

Thank you Susan! Now they are worried about the kidney because the kidney stone had it all blocked and it's all infected. But I know God still heals and that He IS going to heal her and make her better. I've got to believe that. They are allowing her to drink ice water now and sprite and apple juice. She still wont eat anything because she is so sick to her stomach and in so much pain. They are giving her something for both but she's still hurting. They need to burst up that kidney stone so it will get on out of there.