Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Sister

Wanted to upddate you on my sister. She was put BACK into the hospt. here last Sat. They have finally figured out that her pancreaus has cyst in it. Yesterday evening they went in with a needle and pulled some of the fluid out of it and it was just infection. They also did a couple pieces to check to make sure it's ok. She still has the kidney stone but there was sooo much concern about the pancreaus at this point until they're dealing with it. She still has the stent in there. They said all her nausas and pain has been from the pancreaus and not the kidney. She has been sooooo sick! I have been with her since Sat. and am going back to the hsopt. tonight. Her husband drives an 18 wheeler and hasn't worked for two weeks now and needs to go back to work so I am going to stay with her there until she's released and then maybe she can come here and I can take care of her while he catches up on his work. We have her dog here now. She is in my arms while I type! lol can you say spolied? ;)She weighs 2 1/2 pounds. What a dog huh? ;) She's the color of the Taco Bell dog.
Anyway she is getting better but we're waiting on the results to that pancreaus now. I'm soooo glad she is better and being able to eat now!!!!! Just please keep praying because it's working! Also praying the results will be ok as well. :)


Anonymous said...

Rose, I will keep your sister in my prayers. I'm so sorry she's so ill! It is good that she is able to eat now. I can't even begin to imagine all the pain she has been and still is in... She is so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring husband and sister who are there to help her in any way that they possibly can.

Praying that your sister's test results will come back with good news for her.

Sending you, your sister & her DH (((HUGS))).... You all take care now!


Susan said...

Thanks for posting the update. I was wondering what was going on since you hadn't been posting lately. I sure hope your sister gets better soon. Sounds like she's having some rough times. Good she has you to help her til she gets back to 100% (and I know she will). Maybe this will be a chance for you two to spend more time together. There's always a reason though.