Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Sister

Thank you Susan! Now they are worried about the kidney because the kidney stone had it all blocked and it's all infected. But I know God still heals and that He IS going to heal her and make her better. I've got to believe that. They are allowing her to drink ice water now and sprite and apple juice. She still wont eat anything because she is so sick to her stomach and in so much pain. They are giving her something for both but she's still hurting. They need to burst up that kidney stone so it will get on out of there.


Susan said...

How is your sister doing? I hope she's all right.

Susan said...

Hey Rose, I sent a comment yesterday asking about your sister but I don't see it. I sure hope everything is ok with you and your sister.

Rose1957 said...

hey!!! well she is in the hospt. here now since last Sat. morning. She is doing better now though. I will make a post so everyone can see it and know what's going on. Thanx for the prayers and for asking about her!!