Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prayers Please

Will you please keep my sister in your prayers? She is in the hospital in Ohio. Her husband called this evening saying she is dehydrated and they’ve done some tests and her pancreas is swollen and inflamed. And they also found a kidney stone with the MRI. She is still trying to throw up he said and they have her on drip and they are giving her antibiotics in the drip. We just got back from off the cruise together and she went with her husband on his 18 wheeler to take his load to Detroit.  I know she is sooooo exhausted from our trip and then the trip to Ohio, and now sick to boot. Also they went to Hammond, La. on Friday, so I bet she is physically worn out. So will up please keep her in your prayers? My brother in law is going to call me in the morning to let me know how she is and what the other Dr. thinks about her pancreas, and what the problem is there.

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Susan said...

I hope that all is well with your sister and that she is home and back to normal really soon.

Your cruise looked like a lot of fun.