Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Target Bargains


Went to Target today and this is what I got.

I used my Kellogg’s pop tart coupons on the pop tarts. Then I had the Cinnabon coupon and I wanted to try these. The cashier messed up on my coupon for it though and did not give me my 1.00 off on it. The bottles of Ragu were 1.27 each and I had my .60 coupon for two, so they were a really good deal. THEN my Hamburger helper, was get this, .71 each! that was WITHOUT the coupon!!! I had a .75 coupon for 3, so I used it. The Air Wick was free with my $6.00 coupon since it was 5.99. DH was with me and between the both of us we spent OOP around $10.00 for all of this. On my receipt it says I saved $14.10. The Dawn was at regular price because I’ve never bought one of these and I wanted to try those pump Dawns. DH was also going to get one of the Air Wick things but his cashier said the manager said folks couldn’t use that coupon to get these because this one wasn’t a starter kit. ????? Anyway my cashier let me get mine but I was the first one to check out. Basically most of the stores in our town is VERY ticky when it comes to coupons or ad matching or whatever if it saves you money because we don’t have many grocery stores like lots of the larger towns so they can pretty well set their own rules around here it looks like. I gave my cashier 4 coupons but only see 3 on my ticket. I was watching him but couldn’t see the cash register the way it was turned so I don’t know what he did with my other coupon. I told my DH I needed to start adding up my coupon total so I will know just HOW MUCH in coupons I have so I will KNOW if they took off what they should take off. I figured they might give me trouble about the clearance on the Hamburger Helper but it said ANY on my coupon and then named a few of them so I figured they would say it HAD to be the ones they named. But he didn’t say anything about it. They charged my DH for the Air Wick and he didn’t even get it. He had to go back in there and tell her she wasn’t suppose to charge him for it since he didn’t get it. He was fit to be tied when we got out of there. lol

OH by the way, the Air Wicks were normally $11.99. Also we were going to buy a couple of the Hasbro games we had a $5.00 coupon for but they didn’t have any of them and I never even saw a place where they were.

Anyway we managed to get these few things there at Target.

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21stCB said...

You are getting so good at this. It's neat to hear that your DH is really into saving money, too!