Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Murano and ALL You Magazine

Well the other night when I was at Wal-mart I bought me another one of the All You magazines because it was sooooo full of coupons that I like and use. I might just have to get me one more. lol It paid for itself with all the coupons I’ve used already. My Knoxx pastas I didn’t have to pay but like .50 each for them with the coupons.

I’m suppose to get my Nissan Murano back tomorrow they said. I sure hope so that’s for sure! I sure do miss my car, I know that! :( Nissan wouldn’t pay for it being fixed but they did say they would pay 400.00 on it and we’d have to pay a little over $200.00. I don’t think we should have to pay that since we told them we smelled the antifreeze before the warranty went out but I guess DH is going to pay them. It’s STILL in Gods hands! I’m leaving it there! IF He chooses that we DON’T have to pay it, then He will make a way so we don’t have to pay it. So I’m just letting HIM handle it for us! 

There’s new stuff on the links to the right on my blog. Make sure to keep checking those out to save more with more coupons and learn more about couponing. Also for some of you that have all of those awesome stores that we don’t, make sure and keep up with these blogs to save even more. I LOVE how they do the work for you by telling you just what’s on sale and what coupon to use etc. That makes it so much easier for us newbies! THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!

FREE HIGHLIGHTER SHARPIES HERE. Thank you Kingdom Klipper!!!! This is a PDF. file and has 6 pages to it once it downloads. To save you some ink so you don’t have to print out all 6 pages just to print the coupons, when you click on print in the PDF. file choose to print only page 6, not 1-6. That way you will only print out the coupons.

MORE COUPONS BQue sauce, Lipton Tea, Hellmans, I can’t believe it’s not butter,Ragu and more. Be sure and check out the comments because they give more links in the comments sometimes. This is a good way for you to get your coupons! Thanx Money Saving Mom!!!!  Link to the COUPONS. On most of the coupons you can click your back button and print them out twice. If it wont work with your back button then click the back button until you get back to where you chose which coupons you wanted by clicking in the little hole. Then chick them again and choose print again. They usually let you print them at least twice. But the PDF. file ones I guess you print out what you want unless it has a limit written on them.

Perdue Coupon Here.

Bumblebee coupon here. You have to sign up.

Don’t forget to get your Sunday paper to for the coupons. My DH has to get up with the chickens to be able to get us newspapers because by 7 a.m they are all gone from the bins!

Well it looks like there will be $89 worth of Proctor and Gamble coupons in the Aug. 30th newspaper. Don’t know if this will be everywhere or not but just found out at the P&G website that our newspaper would have them in it. YIPEEEEE


Susan said...

I am sorry to hear about your car and I do hope you get it back today or at least very soon. It's hard to be without a car. At least Nisson did put some money towards the bill even if they wouldn't pay it all.

Have you been thrifting lately or to any good yard sales? Any new treasures? I guess it's hard to do much of that without a car :(

Rose1957 said...

Hi Susan!
Thank you! I got it today and man it sure is good to have it back!!! I've been out there washing it and cleaning it out. Was about to burn up but I got it done. It's nice and clean again.
Well as a matter of fact I dropped by a thrift store on the way home from getting my car. I found a 2 drawer filing cabinet for 5.00 and 3 canning jars for .25 each.
I've been getting little things here lately at the thrift stores and just haven't posted about them because it wasn't much, just little things like candles and candle holders etc. One stop I got a little fish on a stand for our bedroom. I did find me a dresser but haven't had the chance to get it painted yet. Everything about the bedroom has been on hold due to everything else I've been busy with.
Thank you again! You're so sweet!