Sunday, August 9, 2009


Wanted to tell you that the ladies have a lot of coupons for us. Check out all the blog links on my blog on the right side.

Check out Coupon Journey for some Wal-mart deals along with some coupons. Also notice Wal-mart has a Pantry Stimulus package you can click on to get some coupons. That link is also on her site. Here is the Wal-mart link.

Also I am seeing there is a free sharpie with a coupon if I am understanding this right. It seems someone has scanned the coupon and it isn’t legit. The stores this coupon is used at will not be able to get their money back for it, so please do not use it. We don’t want to mess up with our good deals on our coupons by someone doing things that aren’t right. If things like this get worse you know it’s going to get harder to use our coupons. So PLEASE do not use this coupon if you find it online anywhere.

Right now I am a little stuck at home because our old clunker, well let’s just say I don’t feel safe riding in it. I sure am praying I will get mine back in tip top shape one day next week with no OOP (Out Of Pocket) (using some of our coupon lingo here.) for us and that way I will have a little more to spend on the things we need. :) So anyway I am not doing much shopping these days. I am getting my coupons printed so I will be ready though.

Sure hope you guys gets loads of bargains! OHHHH I almost forgot to tell you----- go to the CVS website and take the quiz and get you a 4/25.00 coupon. Centsable Mom had this on her site! Thank you Centsable Mom for letting us know!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the deals out there! On the Wal-mart site, just click on one of the four items on your screen and a little window will pop up that is GET SPECIAL SAVINGS, you click on that to get your coupon. Do that on all four grocery items. You will have to download their little printer to print out the coupons but on my slow dial up it wasn’t but 20 minutes or less to do that.


Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

Thanks for the link!

Rose1957 said...

Thank YOU to Corrie and you are very welcome!