Friday, August 28, 2009

My Carnival Cruise

Well it all started with, I was going to keep my sisters dog so she and her husband could go on their cruise and not have to worry about the dog. She brought Tink to me on Friday, the day before they were to leave. We were sitting here talking and she got a phone call from her husband saying he was broken down in Detroit and was not going to be able to get back home in time to go on the cruise to reschedule it. She tried and they wouldn’t let her change the dates because she had no insurance in which she didn’t even know she could get. So she says to me, you want to go on a cruise. My reply was, noooooo, I don’t do all that water on a boat because I get motion sick sooooo easy. Well she says to me, if we don’t use it, we lose it. Then my DH says to her, yes she’ll go. They kept telling me, you’re going to be FINE. So I said yes I would go and started packing for the trip the very next morning. And can I say, I had a total BLAST and did not get sick the first time! Although I WAS VERY nervous about the trip that night and the next day, so my stomach was queasy. So I took me some dramamine the day we boarded just to be safe. Took it one more time and that was it for the whole 5 days.

Anyway wanted to share a few pix with you.


Inside our ship….. Carnival Fantasy. This is a marble staircase.


This is towels and they had these little critters on our beds every night when we came back to our cabins.


This is the ships docked at Cozumel. The lens on my camera fogged up when we hit the outside of the ship. This was a 5 day cruise. We went to Progresso and Cozumel Mexico.

P8240048  This is a shot of the beach in Progreso. Just LOOK at that water! I have loads and loads of shots of the water! LOL


LOOK AT THIS WATER! This is Cozumel.

We got to see a huge huge turtle before we left the dock at Cozumel. (see pic below) He was wider than a bathtub! You can see his neck sticking up on the back side of the pic like he’s looking back. There was a boat coming and he went down shortly after I took this pic.  I will share more pix later. Going to go get my pix off my camera so I will have some in hand pix.



Anonymous said...

Rose, looks like you & your sister had a wonderful time on your cruise!! I've not been to Cozumel myself, but my middle son has and said it is absolutely gorgeous...which from your's and his pictures have proved to me that.. it really is totally gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more pictures of your cruise Rose!! I am so glad that you were able to throughly enjoy it without having any motion sickness at all! That's great!!

Have a great evening Rose and thank you for sharing your wonderful cruise with me too!!


Laura said...

WOW!!! Lovely places... it's a pity to come back home...
Ciao !