Saturday, August 29, 2009

Progreso and Cozumel Mexico

Didn’t get many pics in Progreso. I think I have one of the ship docked and this one below. I used my video camera mostly here.


Now for Cozumel……

Getting off the ship….



This next pic is the area the ship was docked at Cozumel. I don’t think I got a pic of it before we got off the boat. This was after we were leaving. I had my camcorder when we got there.



This place was simply gorgeous! I sure hope I can go back one day! Next trip I want to go to the beach. I bet that is what is awesome! We shopped on this trip and really didn’t have enough time left to go to the beach. You have to be back on board when they say so you don’t get left. lol

The tents set up in the distance is where they give massages right there on the beach.


This next pic was of a double waterfall. The other one is to the right of the pic.


  Just gorgeous!




That’s about it for the pix except for all the water pix I took. lol Which were a bunch! LOVED LOVED LOVED all that BEAUTIFUL water! Sure did hate to leave this place it was soooo pretty! Sure wish I knew HOW TO get pix off my camcorder because I have some on there of a very pretty area they had landscaped. It was SO PRETTY! But I don’t know HOW TO get them and put them on here. :(

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