Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AARP Questions

When my DH retired a few years ago he joined AARP. I have NO IDEA WHY he did it, he just did. Then for some reason I have no idea why on this one either, but they put it IN MY NAME, NOT his! He’s the one that did it, not me. lol anyway I have NO CLUE as to WHY we have this stuff? Don’t know WHAT they do, WHAT it’s for? OR HOW it can benefit us. We just have it, or should I say joined it. lol

Do any of you know what they offer or what are the benefits of having AARP? As you can see I am TOTALLY clueless and DH doesn’t know either. Like I said, he just joined it. lol

Any info on it sure would be nice. I figured some of you might have it and know something about it and how it works and what the benefits of having it is. :)


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Susan said...


Sorry I don't know a thing about AARP to help you out on that. Your pictures of Flint Lake are beautiful. What a peaceful place to boat.

Susan in Virginia