Friday, August 7, 2009

Sad news

If you’ve been keeping up with me you noticed that I try to post on my blog very often about what I am doing or how God is working or whatever. I haven’t posted in a couple days or more because I have been very upset.

When my husband retired he bought us an 07 Nissan Murano. Man it has been such a blessing to us because before that for 33 years we have driven clunkers as folks are calling them these days. So we finally got us a new car. One day this week we were coming back from B.A.M. (Books A Million) about 11 at night and I was driving and my check engine soon light came on. That also comes on when you don’t close the gas cap like it needs to be closed. We found out that one before to. lol Anyway the check engine soon light is on and I think, oh he forgot to close it right again, and then I look at the gauges and see the needle on the hot and cold is all the way on the H. I tell my DH and my sister who was also with us, and we start trying to figure out WHAT to do since it is late at night and we’d prefer not to wake up anybody. We pass his friends house and then we pass mine and I say, we need to go there and use their hose so we can cool it off so we can turn it off. So he says, yeah, go back there because by this time I’d passed their house. He had wanted me to try and make it to where he worked but I’d had to drive the car about 6 more miles and I KNEW I didn’t need to do that. So we went back to my friends house and rang the door bell. No one came to the door and so he found a water hose and he started hosing off the radiator and it started cooling off. Long story short, we had to leave it in their yard and get our daughter to come get us. So it’s in the shop now and I have been praying that God would take care of the situation because the warranty went out on it about a month or so back. I have been so sick to my stomach over it because it has been such a blessing to us and I am constantly thanking God for it. I KNOW in my heart without a shadow of a doubt that He GAVE it to us! I’ll have to tell you about it in another post because I’ve got to get off here for now. But anyway just praying that He will take care of it all and that nothing is messed up about it. We had told them that we kept smelling anti-freeze and they said it was probably that over flow thing we were smelling. Since we hadn’t had a new car in many many years we thought, well they should know what they’re talking about so we didn’t worry about it. But we kept smelling it. But thought it was normal for these newer cars. So we know it’s got to have a radiator because it’s leaking almost the whole length of it.

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