Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Be sure to go to Money Saving Moms blog for the FREE ITEMS AT TARGET!!!! Go check it out!

I’m missing out on some of the deals there because our newspaper folks put the 8/9 newspaper into the newspaper bins on 8/16! UGHHHHH So now I don’t have the 8/16 papers I would have gotten. But I do have 2 extra 8/9 papers.

I dearly LOVE how these ladies do the sales and free items for us. I’m really really not a lazy person at all but my brain these days just HAS to have simple simple simple or I get soooo stressed out you would not believe. To sit and think up all these sales for me let alone for anyone else would make me so irritable because I just don’t have the patience I used to have. I would have to be litterly starving I think before I could sit and figure out all this stuff they do. They make it seem SO SIMPLE and I get to thinking about it and all it requires and I get shaky. I am not the same person I used to be before menopause. I just WISH I could find something that would help me that would not be so outrageously high in cost! Heck I can’t even cook 2 or more things anymore when I am cooking. I have do basically do one at a time if one has to be tended to while you cook the other or I will burn something. My mind just will NOT FUNCHION with more than 1-2 things going on. I don’t mean to be complaining just wanted to show just how bad it is and just HOW THANKFUL I am to these wonderful ladies that do this for us ALL THE TIME!!!! That is SOOOO NICE of them I think!!!!! Just SO nice! Thank you again ladies!!!!!

Go to Organic Grocery Meals and sign up for some more coupons.

AND you can go to POCKET YOUR DOLLARS and see more Target free things and almost free things.

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