Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Bible tells us to be joyful and to think on good things, pure things, to think good thoughts. We can’t be joyful when we’re fussing and complaining at the same time. It’s like water and oil it wont mix. Being joyful is thinking good thoughts and being happy and content right where we are. Blooming right where we are planted so to speak. It’s a choice, we choose. Years and years ago I watched the little movie Pollyanna for the first time and I just dearly LOVED THAT MOVIE! I got SOOOO MUCH out of the little girl named Pollyanna. Some may say oh yuck, but I loved the way she looked at life and found the positives in life instead of the negatives!

We can ALL FIND negatives if we try but it seems some folks don’t have to try. It seems like it comes soooo natural to them to the point that’s ALL they see is the negatives. :( I KNOW someone comes to mind when you read that sentence. I used to be one of those folks! I am SO HAPPY to say that I’m not all like that anymore. I sometimes see the negatives still BUT not all the time anymore. THANK THE LORD!

I read something one time in a book that asked me the reader, do you have a critical spirit? Are you critical of others or do you look for the positives in others? Are you one that complains ALL THE TIME? I sure hope not because there is NO WAY you can be joyful and happy when you’re complaining and being critical or looking for negative all the time. I don’t know about you but I just do not enjoy being around someone that complains and gripes the whole time I am around them. It wears me down and makes me soooo weary! Some folks seem to find fault like it’s buried treasure. Any situation they are in all their lives it’s like that. When you look for it you will surely find it.

That’s WHY I enjoyed Pollyanna soooooo much because of her outlook on life and how she finds the positives in it. It’s hard to ALWAYS be positive and not complain about some things, were not perfect but we don’t have to be like that 98% of the time either. When we’re complaining and fussing and looking for negatives 98% of the time we become like that all the time because that’s WHAT we’re looking for. I used to have something framed that I found because it’s sooooo true. People need love when they least deserve it.

Jesus is suppose to be our example, and I just can’t see Him complaining, fussing, and finding the negatives in folks all around him all the time. He sure didn’t do that when He walked on the earth years and years ago. Be joyful, CHOOSE to be joyful, choose to look for the positives in life and in others. You and everyone around you will be much happier!!!!

Troublemaker or peacemaker?

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