Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wanted to share with you about Wal-mart’s price matching! This is their policy for price matching. One of the ladies had some problems with Target using her coupons and she shared this link to Wal-Marts price matching. See details HERE.

You can go to HERE and print you out some Target coupons if you still want to try using them at Target. I guess you could walk out and leave your stuff if they give you any hassle. lol I sure wouldn’t pay full price for it when I have a handful of coupons, that’s for sure! Wouldn’t bother me in the least to walk out. Now it used to would have bothered me but I guess I have shed my shame glands in my older years! ;)

Go to ALL YOU and get you some free coupons to. 

Just found this a $10.00 YANKEE CANDLE COUPON! I’m sorry, now I can’t find WHERE I found it! I was looking at Saving Cents blog and at the Krazy Coupon lady’s blog so I’m sure it was one of those.

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