Monday, August 10, 2009

Wal-Mart, CVS and Coupons

Well I borrowed my daughters car tonight and went to CVS and to Wal-mart.

My total bill at Wal-mart was 112.17 and she didn’t add tax to that. Don’t know IF she was suppose to or not. I had 27 coupons! LOL Yep 27! Coupons totaled up to be 24.13. Anyway when she got my coupons subtracted my total with the tax was $95.72. I had a .75 coupon for a gallon of white milk and then I had a coupon for a free half gallon of chocolate milk for buying the gallon of white milk. BUT she didn’t take subtract the chocolate milk off and I have NO IDEA which one of these coupon numbers is the chocolate milk one. She just scanned each coupon. So I should have had $2.28 less than this. PLUS I had planned on using my free milk with a 100.00 purchase and I wound up forgetting to get that one out. I had it tucked away just to see if it came to 100.00 and had the .75 one in my batch of coupons. Wasn’t sure I was going to reach the 100.00 mark. lol  I did get several good deals though. The Chef Boy A. ravioli’s were .88 each and I had 1.00 coupons for them. Then the All You magazine was 2.24 and I had a .50 coupon off it. I had already bought one but decided to go ahead and get another one because it had such good coupons in it that I use. The Bar S Franks were a good deal to at 1.00 each and then with the 1.00/2 coupons I had they were even better deals. I bought 2 regular ones and 2 bun length ones and used 2 coupons.

Crunch N Munch was 1.00 each and I had the coupon to get 1.00 off two I believe it was so they wound up to be .50 each.

Had a coupon for Country Crock any size and had 2 coupons for the Smart Balance margarine those were 1.00 each.

I basically picked the things I wanted out of Coupon Journeys list and got them.

I got the,

Coffee Mate

Mandarin oranges

The Knorr rice and pastas

I looked the store over for those Kellogg's Cinnamon bars and never did find those.

French’s mustard, I chose to get the kind with the horseradish in it. I bet that’s good!

Also couldn’t find the Franks Red Hot Sauce. :(

Got the Glade aerosol spray along with Oust spray.

Then as I went along in the store I pulled out more coupons I had.

I used the Motts Applesauce one.

And the Activa yogurt and cereal one.

Used the 1.00 off my Truvia sweetener, so that made it $4.78 for an 80 pack box.

Also had 2 coupons for Dawn dishwashing liquid that I used. I wont have to buy that for a while now. lol I have 6 in my stockpile. Plus I didn't have to pay but like 70 something cents for one of them and like .25 for the other one.

I used the Hunts ketchup coupons.

Used the French’s Fried Onions coupon.

The Taco Bell  Kit coupon

Used the Yoplait coupon

and also used like 3 of those Pillsbury biscuit coupons. The Grand's and the crescent roll ones those made it a GOOD DEAL!

and last but not least the Kraft 2% shredded cheese one. It was 1.00 off I remember that one because I didn’t have to pay much more for it.

So you see you can save some money with coupons. I didn’t save as much as the other ladies but I saved more than I have been saving.

NOW for CVS……

I did good there but only came out with 2 ECB’S. :( I THOUGHT and I have NO IDEA where I came up with this, that my Coppertone sunscreen was going to give me 4.99 in ECB’S and it was only 2. BUT I did have a $5 off coupon for it.

I STILL didn’t get to use my rain checks for the scissors and the pens. ughhhhh I didn’t write all my things down I was going to get so I messed up on the ECB’S but there was stuff I wanted to get while it was on sale so I did that and I will get ECB’S maybe my next trip.

I also got 3 packs of pens for 1.00.

The Coppertone sunscreen

a free soy candle with a coupon from today's paper. Man that thing smells good to! That was 3.49 I think, but you know he did say it was charging me .33 for it and I said that was fine. I didn’t understand WHY? Because it said it was free. ???? Anyway ALMOST free. lol

The 5.99 Airwick air freshener Kit. I’ve been wanting one of these! Since I have a dog in the house I worry about my house smelling.

I also had a CVS coupon for some Lay’s chips that I used.

I also bought some little containers of garlic, chopped onions, and red pepper. They were .99 each. So my total was something like $25.00, it’s not on my receipt this time. I had 11 ECB’S from my last receipt and then I FINALLY got one of the ReadyFill coupon booklets and I used one of the $4/$20.00 coupons in it. Then I had all my manufacturer coupons. $21.33 in coupons and my OOP (out of pocket) was $4.13. If it wasn’t for taxes I wouldn’t have  had to pay but $2.73. lol My receipt says I saved $40.26 today.

It sure feels good to keep some of my money instead of handing bunches of it over for groceries and stuff now.

OH I ALMOST forgot! Check out Southern Savers post here about the Kroger deals if you have one in your area! WOW


I’d LOVE to hear about your deals? What did you find?

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