Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coupon Teacher

I’m going to share Coupon Teacher today on my blog. I JUST found her blog a few minutes ago and have been reading on it. WOW is all I can say! WOW WOW WOW

She said she got over $100.00 worth of stuff and she only spent (OOP) out of pocket, $20.00. THEN SHE STILL HAD $20.00 in ECB’S on her receipt! You go girl!

She said she spent $5.26 yesterday and saved 58.62. She paid with $23 in ECB’S, but then GOT BACK $36!!!! OH MY GOSH! Man I wish I could shop with some of these ladies! LOL

Check out this post I am referring to HERE! She even has pix!!! :)


ALSO get your Welch’s coupon from Lissa @ Saving Your Cents! I have a link on the sidebar to the right for all these wonderful ladies. Check back everyday to see what new things they have for us to get. They sure are nice to help all of us save some money! I know for one that I COULD NOT do it without them! I have GOT TO LEARN HOW they can get $200.00 plus dollars worth of groceries for $40-$50.00 dollars though!!!! I think I’m missin’ something!

I live in an area that doesn’t have all these grocery stores they all talk about. We do have ONE CVS THANK GOODNESS! And a Walgreens AND a Riteaid. But the GOOD grocery stores are few and far between. We have 2-3 Wal-marts, a Save Rite, a Winn Dixie, Rameys, Corner Market and that’s about it. Save Rite has been the best one for me but it’s still high on lots of stuff. They don’t ad match but Wal-mart does, to a degree. They’re getting very picky about it.

These two ladies KNOW HOW TO SHOP!


Cindy has several coupon links for us HERE AT THE HAPPYHOMEMAKER!

RACHEL RAY $75 worth of coupons. You do have to answer a lot of questions it looks like to get this.

EDITED TO ADD: Those coupons on that last link are the very same coupons you can get all over bloggy land without having to answer 10 million jillion questions. I just sit and answered I don't know HOW MANY and then it FINALLY gives them to me and it's the SAME ONES I already have and have gotten my limit for on the ones I wanted. So what a waste of time that was. :( So to save yourself some time just get them at the blogs in my sidebar. :)

I might be missing something about the $75 worth of coupons. I'm just not sure what you do to get $75 worth of them because all I found after answering a jillion questions was the very same ones everyone else has on their blogs. If I'm missing something here will someone let me know what to click on to get those coupons?

Post it note coupons! Thank you Happy HomeMaker!!!!

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