Sunday, August 2, 2009

CVS Bargains for Today

Ok lets see if I can tell you what I got.


Garlic Powder (2)

Colgate toothpaste ($2.00 ECB’S) (-1.00)  (2)

Blink Tears  ($7.99 ECB’S) (–$1.50 coupon) (FREE and earned $1.50)   (1)

Sft. SP Serum body wash ($4.00 ECB’S)  (1) (So basically paid .99 for it)

Dawn dishwashing liquid .99 (-.25 coupon & -.50 coupon)  (2)

Gillette Fusion Razor ($3.00 ECB’S) (-$4.00 coupon)  (1)

Toothbrush (1) (free)

Then I had 11 ECB’S from my last purchase.

My total was, $30 something dollars if I am remembering right but only had to pay OOP, $15.36 and got 16.99 in ECB’S for my next trip to CVS.

Now I have in my stockpile, after only 3 trips to CVS.

3 toothpaste


2 dawn liquid

3 washing powder

1 pkg. razor blades

2 deodorants

We bought some Sunday newspapers this morning for the Hattiesburg American and they had 4 pamplets in them for coupons. Lots of good coupons!!!

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