Thursday, August 25, 2011


I went to Hancock’s today to see if I could find some fabric for the valances for the roman blinds in the sewing room today. I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this fabric because not only did it match my piece of roman blind fabric I brought but it also has the same green color in it that the wall was painted. AND it’s shiny and I LOVE that! They had marked it down to $7.20 a yard and when I took it to the counter to get her to measure it out for me I asked what it cost a yard because there was a sign that said 45% off on all the upholstery fabrics. She told me it was $3.00 a yard! Needless to say I was tickled and bought the whole bolt of it which wasn’t but 9 1/4 yds. I have 5 windows in there and don’t really know how much I needed so I just bought it all to be sure I’d have enough. I want to make the valances like balloon shades and make them really poufy.




Another shot……


So stay tuned with me and I will get these made.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arranging The Furniture in The Sewing Room

I’ve been trying to get he furniture in the sewing room today. I was beginning to think it wasn’t all going to fit.

My sister’s sister in law gave me a dresser that matches a bed they had given me back a couple years ago and I wanted to keep the dresser to go with it since it all matched. Well we got the dresser home and it was too large for my daughters room where the bed is. So guess where the dresser is now? Yep in the sewing room. I am using it in here to store my things in it since I have to store it in here. If my daughter ever gets married she will have a bed room suit. But for right now it’s in here. So I hadn’t planned on having that in here.

But it all worked out well because I figured out a way I could put the filing cabinet on the end and still have room for opening it. I was worried the table for all the sewing machines was going to go so far toward the other wall that I wouldn’t have room for the filing cabinet but it worked out great!

I had painted a filing cabinet and a book shelf back in like February before we started the sewing room and I finally got that moved in here today.  I still haven’t gotten everything in it that I want in it yet. But at least it’s in here. I think I gave like 5.00 each for the two pieces and I thought the filing cabinet was very unique. I’ve also got to figure out where to hang the peg board that’s standing there against the wall.


I put the pegboard on the sides of the metal book shelf so I can store my things and get things organized.


I decided to put my fabric in here to until we can get my shelves made at the end of the sewing room. I want them to be from the ceiling to the floor. I will put my fabric and all my clear glass jars that I am going to store things like thread and buttons in.


A view from this end. Don’t look at the junk of the floor. That’s what we’re making the table out of for all the sewing machines.


I have an old dresser I have used for many many years a sister in law (Rhonda)  gave me moons ago. She’s probably forgotten all about it. I’ve been using it for a sewing cabinet and I wanted to put it in here to but don’t have any room until I can get this dresser out of here.  HMMMMMMM an idea JUST hit me! I can move this one into the old sewing room and move my old sewing cabinet in here! Although this one has much more storage areas than the other one. Well I will have to think on that one a bit to decide what to do. I just have a bunch of sewing stuff that needs a home so it can be organized!

Now next thing maybe I can get a little more organized. Hubby said we were going to start on the sewing tables tomorrow but I just don’t know if I will be able to handle the heat or not. We’ll see and I guess we can always work a little and shut it down and cool off.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roman Blinds Continued AND Finished!

I bet you’re saying YES finally and now she can go on to something else. lol I took pix but at the time of the pix I wasn’t done with hem-ing 3 of them. But since I took the pix I am done completely now. I even steamed them while they were pulled up so I would have a crease in them. I do need to go by Hancock Fabrics and get me some of the little plastic pull things for the cords though. I would also like to find me some solid pink fabric for valances for them.


Then another shot of the other side of the room.


I am going to make some shelves for above the windows and then I am going to write some quotes on the wall at the top as well.

While I was working on these I found some really neat drapes at the thrift store. I want to make some roman blinds with them for the living room I think. Going to take a little break before I start those though.

Now I am trying to figure out what other project I can do. I need to get the sewing room arranged like I want it but so many things are keeping me from doing that. There is stuff stacked in the floor behind my chair there by the sewing machine right now. It’s the table tops and the 1x12 boards for making my table with for all the sewing machines. I want to make something like the little book shelves for each end of the table tops to sit on. They will be in an L shape under all these windows you see in the last pic. It’s just too hot to start a wood working project outside right now. So that one will have to wait.

Stay tuned for more on the sewing room.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Roman Blinds (continued)

Well I have finished one of the blinds finally. I’ve still got to cut the cord off and put the little doo dad on the end but other than that, it’s done and hung! I sure hope I am not boring you to death with it but I am having to do a little along as I can since I am so fatigued. Feels really nice to be able to do just a little again though. Just wish I could get ALL my energy back.  Maybe soon!

Anyway wanted to show you a couple pix of the one I have done. I have decided I am going to take it down though and move it up some because when it’s pulled up it covers too much of my window. I want to be able to see out better.  That shouldn’t be too hard to do. I will have to take the bottom hem out so it will not be too short. Since I hand stitched it that will be easier to do.

There are 3 layers to the blind. The front and back of course and then there is the darkening fabric in the middle. So hopefully it will help keep the sewing room cooler since this is on the west side of the house.


And another view of it. The wall color it more true in the second pic.


With the heat wave we’ve been having here I figured I needed to get them made so it will help hold out the heat some. I want the colors in the sewing room to be a pink with the green wall.


I noticed the crease in the bottom of it and looked on the back and the rod pocket on it was turned up. Got that fixed and now it’s laying flat like it should. Got it pulled up now with a chair sitting under it like it is in the pic so our Boston Terrier can sit in the chair and look outside. He’s going from the window in here in the living room to the window in the sewing room looking outside. lol He can stand for hours in the window looking outside. He dearly loves it out there!

Hopefully I can work on the second one some today. I’ve already started folding down the edges of the front to press it down. Stay tuned with me and we will get these things done. 4 more to go……

Monday, August 1, 2011

Roman Blinds


I did manage to get one roman blind almost finished today. All I lack is closing up the rod pockets and attaching the little plastic circles and then attaching the board on the top and the strings. I put the little rod pockets on since I took this pic below. That’s the back of it and I sandwiched the darkening fabric in the middle of it.


In the next one you can see the front of the roman blind. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.


I’ve got to cover the 1x2 board with some white fabric and then staple it to my blind.