Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roman Blinds Continued AND Finished!

I bet you’re saying YES finally and now she can go on to something else. lol I took pix but at the time of the pix I wasn’t done with hem-ing 3 of them. But since I took the pix I am done completely now. I even steamed them while they were pulled up so I would have a crease in them. I do need to go by Hancock Fabrics and get me some of the little plastic pull things for the cords though. I would also like to find me some solid pink fabric for valances for them.


Then another shot of the other side of the room.


I am going to make some shelves for above the windows and then I am going to write some quotes on the wall at the top as well.

While I was working on these I found some really neat drapes at the thrift store. I want to make some roman blinds with them for the living room I think. Going to take a little break before I start those though.

Now I am trying to figure out what other project I can do. I need to get the sewing room arranged like I want it but so many things are keeping me from doing that. There is stuff stacked in the floor behind my chair there by the sewing machine right now. It’s the table tops and the 1x12 boards for making my table with for all the sewing machines. I want to make something like the little book shelves for each end of the table tops to sit on. They will be in an L shape under all these windows you see in the last pic. It’s just too hot to start a wood working project outside right now. So that one will have to wait.

Stay tuned for more on the sewing room.


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Gina said...

I've never made a Roman blind. I enjoyed your directions!