Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arranging The Furniture in The Sewing Room

I’ve been trying to get he furniture in the sewing room today. I was beginning to think it wasn’t all going to fit.

My sister’s sister in law gave me a dresser that matches a bed they had given me back a couple years ago and I wanted to keep the dresser to go with it since it all matched. Well we got the dresser home and it was too large for my daughters room where the bed is. So guess where the dresser is now? Yep in the sewing room. I am using it in here to store my things in it since I have to store it in here. If my daughter ever gets married she will have a bed room suit. But for right now it’s in here. So I hadn’t planned on having that in here.

But it all worked out well because I figured out a way I could put the filing cabinet on the end and still have room for opening it. I was worried the table for all the sewing machines was going to go so far toward the other wall that I wouldn’t have room for the filing cabinet but it worked out great!

I had painted a filing cabinet and a book shelf back in like February before we started the sewing room and I finally got that moved in here today.  I still haven’t gotten everything in it that I want in it yet. But at least it’s in here. I think I gave like 5.00 each for the two pieces and I thought the filing cabinet was very unique. I’ve also got to figure out where to hang the peg board that’s standing there against the wall.


I put the pegboard on the sides of the metal book shelf so I can store my things and get things organized.


I decided to put my fabric in here to until we can get my shelves made at the end of the sewing room. I want them to be from the ceiling to the floor. I will put my fabric and all my clear glass jars that I am going to store things like thread and buttons in.


A view from this end. Don’t look at the junk of the floor. That’s what we’re making the table out of for all the sewing machines.


I have an old dresser I have used for many many years a sister in law (Rhonda)  gave me moons ago. She’s probably forgotten all about it. I’ve been using it for a sewing cabinet and I wanted to put it in here to but don’t have any room until I can get this dresser out of here.  HMMMMMMM an idea JUST hit me! I can move this one into the old sewing room and move my old sewing cabinet in here! Although this one has much more storage areas than the other one. Well I will have to think on that one a bit to decide what to do. I just have a bunch of sewing stuff that needs a home so it can be organized!

Now next thing maybe I can get a little more organized. Hubby said we were going to start on the sewing tables tomorrow but I just don’t know if I will be able to handle the heat or not. We’ll see and I guess we can always work a little and shut it down and cool off.


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Baye said...

It's looking awesome already! I can't wait to see it finished.

I also put pegboard on the side of a piece of furniture in the sewing room for hanging things. That has worked out really well for me.