Friday, August 5, 2011

Roman Blinds (continued)

Well I have finished one of the blinds finally. I’ve still got to cut the cord off and put the little doo dad on the end but other than that, it’s done and hung! I sure hope I am not boring you to death with it but I am having to do a little along as I can since I am so fatigued. Feels really nice to be able to do just a little again though. Just wish I could get ALL my energy back.  Maybe soon!

Anyway wanted to show you a couple pix of the one I have done. I have decided I am going to take it down though and move it up some because when it’s pulled up it covers too much of my window. I want to be able to see out better.  That shouldn’t be too hard to do. I will have to take the bottom hem out so it will not be too short. Since I hand stitched it that will be easier to do.

There are 3 layers to the blind. The front and back of course and then there is the darkening fabric in the middle. So hopefully it will help keep the sewing room cooler since this is on the west side of the house.


And another view of it. The wall color it more true in the second pic.


With the heat wave we’ve been having here I figured I needed to get them made so it will help hold out the heat some. I want the colors in the sewing room to be a pink with the green wall.


I noticed the crease in the bottom of it and looked on the back and the rod pocket on it was turned up. Got that fixed and now it’s laying flat like it should. Got it pulled up now with a chair sitting under it like it is in the pic so our Boston Terrier can sit in the chair and look outside. He’s going from the window in here in the living room to the window in the sewing room looking outside. lol He can stand for hours in the window looking outside. He dearly loves it out there!

Hopefully I can work on the second one some today. I’ve already started folding down the edges of the front to press it down. Stay tuned with me and we will get these things done. 4 more to go……


Baye said...

This is too funny! I just commented on your sewing room post that we both had used pegboard in much the same way. Then I saw this post--we both used the same fabric for Roman shades! Mine are in the den. I've only read two posts so far!

Obviously, I really like your roman blinds;-]

Rose1957 said...

LOL Baye that is too funny! Great minds think alike. ;) Thank you for your sweet comments! The pegboard is really neat because I can FIND my things easy! My memory is horrible these days so I was thinking about getting me a notepad and jotting down all the places I put my things so I can find them until I get used to this new room! lol OR even thought about labeling the drawers etc. with labels until I get it memorized where it all is. Man we can acquire some stuff when you do crafts and sew!