Thursday, April 30, 2009

Patio Curtains Are Hung

Well 2 of them are. I’ve got to cut the other one and then hem it on the side. I figured I would make some throw pillows for the swing with the left over pieces. As you can see from the curtain below, I have got to put some weights in the bottoms of them. The wind was blowing them all the way against the roof of the patio almost. Excuse my ladder in the second pic. I hung them high enough so they wouldn’t drag the floor.

P4290691 P4290690

This next pic is when it was getting dark. My DH had the light on working on a project. I’ve got a gazebo cover piled on the little table on the patio awaiting for it to be put on the gazebo.

The curtains really shaded the patio after I put them up. The wind was blowing them SO BAD that I had to open the one closest to the brick so you can see some sun on the patio on the first pic. But that’s because it was open. I think we will enjoy these curtains. Now we can sit out there in the shade!


It really gets hot here in South MS. with all this humidity, so we have to have some shade. ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patio Curtains

I put a rod pocket in all those curtains I found at the thrift store the other day. They had those metal circles in the tops of them and I didn’t want that to rust and also I would have had to buy something to hang them with as well. So I just cut those off and ran a rod pocket in them. I only lack one being finished with them. I had some 2” wide ribbon like stuff I’d also gotten from the thrift store awhile back and I used that to sew onto the tops and then just folded it down and sewed a rod pocket in them. Monday I put up my metal things to attach the wire on but couldn’t put up the wire because I need to have one end open for when I put the curtains on there. On the last one I’m not going to need the whole curtain so I figured I could make some throw pillows for the swing to pull it all together with since the chair and swing cushions aren’t the same color. There is a tan-ish color in the cushions though so I think it will go perfectly. When I get off here I think I am going to hang them.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A ? and Some Advice From You

Need some advice from you all.
This is the circle candle thingie I found. I am wondering if I need to leave it that color or paint it to match my cushions and patio stuff. I am also posting pix of the cushions. All the furniture out there is painted that tan color that is in the cushions. It will hang here where it is in the pic.



Edited to add: The curtains I plan to hang out there for some much needed shade are a very light yellow almost beige color. As I was looking at this post I happen to think how pretty that candle would be if it were painted that purplish color that's in the cushions. Then I could also get me some purple salvia plants to plant under it in that corner. The corner is an L so I could plant them all in there. That would be pretty I think. BUT I'm STILL open for some suggestions from you all as well. :)


You guys sure are mighty quite these days. I guess you all are busy with summer projects in the yard. ;) I bought my paint for the bedroom floor last night and while at B.A.M. (Books A Million) I saw something in a book and loved it. I think the book was called Thrifty Chic. There was a staircase in it they painted white and then put stripes down the middle of it. There are wide stripes and narrow and even more narrow ones and just the color blue of my bedroom to. They used two different colors of blue in the stripes as well as a black in the very narrow stripe. So I am going to do this idea around the outer edge of the room. Going to start with the stripes about 12" from the edge. I wanted to use a pink in the room with the beige, white and the blue. Anyway I really liked this idea and am SO GLAD I found it when I did! I was so upset when I got my paint because I had chosen a beige color that was the color of sand and then noticed it was for CONCRETE! :( They didn't have any other floor paint in the color I wanted and I really thought it needed to be floor paint. SOOOO I wound up getting white and it has a 20 year warranty on it and has the primer already in it! So I wont even have to use my primer I have already. I can use that in the bathroom when I get started on that project! lol But I think I am going to take a short break before starting the bathroom. Unless my sistah comes and says, let hit that bathroom and get er done. hee hee It's amazing how much you can get done when two people are working together on it!!!! Totally amazing to me, because I am usually doing it by myself I guess.
So now I can paint the floor white and prime all at the same time and then I can put stipes around the edges. I think that will be cool! Would be even cooler if I could find a rug with the colors of the stripes in it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bringing The Indoors Outdoors


This was my 3.00 special yesterday. Not sure if I am going to leave it this color or repaint it. But it’s going on the large brick wall out on the patio. Then I will put some glass votives in it. Then I also found this little moon mirror. Not sure it’s going to stay it’s color either.


Also here is the mirrors I found but they wont fit in the holes like I wanted to do with them. So I thought I might just hang them. I turned one over so you could see that they have hangers on the backs.


Then I bought these next items for the outside in the fall last year. I still need to get those hung. They were 3.00 each. All the mirrors and a basket that I haven’t taken a pic of, was a little over 1.00.


When I saw these I fell in love with them. There are  two of them and they are the same. That looks SO PEACEFUL AND relaxing! My sister and I were out shopping at a little shop near her home when I found these.

UGHHHHH It JUST hit me! I could get the glass place to cut me a large circle out of a mirror I have here already and I could put it behind the large circle votive holder. Not sure if that would work though come to think of it because it doesn’t lie flat on the back because of the votive places sticking out behind it a little. Oh well……

I was outside a few minutes ago doing some measuring on the patio. The 4x4 poles are 13 foot apart where I plan to hang the curtains. The curtains are 17 foot wide. Then they are 8 foot tall. I measured all the way from the top of the roof to the floor and it was like 8’ 3'” which would be perfect because they don’t need to drag the floor. actually I could drop them down a little as well because that was from the very top of the 2 x 4. So they will be perfect! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bargain Day Today

While checking out Cindy’s blog over at, My Romantic Home, I started telling her something and then decided to just make a post about it because I wanted to share pix of my stuff when I get it all washed up. lol

While out and about shopping today at my thrift stores I found some really neato bargains at my favorite bargain store. Spent a total of almost 7.00 but man I am so excited!

There was a box full of these things and I think they must have came from a hotel. It’s those curtain like things they hang in the function rooms as dividers. I also found the table skirts they use for putting around the edges of the table for a skirt. One is 22’ long and one is 18’ long. I was thinking about making me a dust ruffle for our bed with them. All I would have to do, I think, is cut it off and hem it. It has snaps that I would have to do something with as well  unless I fix it to where it will snap onto something on my mattress which would be really cool!

Anyway the curtains, I wanted them for our patio. DH cut the tree down last spring that shaded our patio and then when it got really hot last summer we had no shade on the patio. I wanted to put up some curtains for shade. This will do the trick I think.

Anyway I am washing it all right now, and trying to get it all dried. The curtains, only two at a time would fit into my washer because they are sooooooo large!!!

I will try and post pix tomorrow. I got me some metal wire and the attachments to hang them all with tonight. But don’t know if I will get it done tomorrow or not.

I took a few pix of the items hanging around drying. lol It didn’t quite get dry in the dryer because it’s so much it’s wanting to ball up in a ball in there.


There are 4 of these curtains and they are 17’ wide. They’re a really soft light yellow color. I thought they were beige in the store.



The table shirt. They are white. There is two of them and one is 22’ and the other is 17’ like I already said I think. ;)

P4220646 P4220645

Then  that one is the white cotton battenburg pillow case.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In The Dark

These are the little seashell lights my niece Hannah bought me for our bedroom. Aren’t they just too cute at night time? I didn’t know WHERE to put them and just laid them across the shelf and I think I like them there because it really lights up my RELAX doo dad for lack of a better word for the thing. P4210635

Our bedroom is coming together and we both are really loving it!!! DH came in here last night after I hooked up the lights and started laughing and said, “THAT LOOKS GOOD!” He really likes the color of the walls now THANK GOODNESS! After he went to bed I was still up and walked by the bedroom and he still had the seashell lights on lying there snoring away! lol So I decided to get a pic of it. I guess I need the take the glass candle on the left side down and put up some more real seashells since they show up better than the glass candle thing.

THEN last but not least, Buddy our new puppy since Dec. 08, dearly LOVES it outside!!!! DH went outside to mow and left him in here and man he DID NOT LIKE THAT! He was sitting back there at the back door whining. So I put one of the dining room chairs up to the window in the dining room and patted on it for him to hop up into it. He did and loved looking out there. Then when I walked away, so did he. I didn’t know IF he would go back to it and jump back up into the chair again or not. BUT HE DID! LOL So I had to get a shot of him. He’s spoiled rotten and as hardheaded as they come! I have started getting me a rolled up paper to make him listen the first time instead of the 4th or 5th time. You get to the point you’re screaming at him to make him listen. So I said ok, once IS ENOUGH and I have paper rolled up all over the place to swat him one if he doesn’t listen the first time. He HAS to listen because one day his life could be in danger and he needs to listen the first time!!!! Man he’s hardheaded!!!! UGHHHHHHHH Anyway see pic below. ;) He heard me walk up and he turned around.


Can You Guess WHAT This Is?


It USED to be a hammock. This was it’s frame. Well part of it’s frame. I took it all apart and leaned it against this tree so it wouldn’t be against the ground to rust.

A few weeks ago I was sitting out on the patio in the swing and I was looking at this thing that NO ONE ever uses! It really hurts my back to lie in it. I kept having to dump the water out of it every time it would rain. So I was sitting there looking at it thinking, it’s full of water AGAIN and I need to go dump it out. Then I noticed the arch part of it and thought, that would make a good archway arbor for my white running rose bush run on. So that’s WHAT it’s going to be soon. My DH is going to weld a couple round metal poles on each side of it and we’re going to stick it into the ground and plant the rose on each side of it to run on. It’s not going to be planted where I have it now. Just needed a place for it for right now until DH gets it fixed for me. I wanted it out in the open so I wouldn’t have to worry about that rose running out onto a tree or something in years to come. This rose grows like mad! LOL

So stay tuned for this project soon. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Decorating

Wanted to show you my finished window shelves! I put them up tonight. The rod for the sheers is a little too large because I couldn’t get the rod through the right hole in them. I had to use the top hole instead of the second one. So now they are too long. I don’t know if I will just leave it like this or try to do a smaller rod. I might just hem the sheers and call it finished! LOL I never did like that wavy hem nor the sides anyway. I like it to be straight. But not going to worry with it for right now because I NEED to finish our bedroom. I’ve got to find me some pretties to put up there on the shelves now. I just stuck something up there so you could see the shelves. I lacked only ONE MORE and the drills battery needed charging. UGHHHHH So I let it charge while I took the other curtain rod holders down. Then I also did some other things and was going to get on the computer and noticed the battery was charged! WOW that was FAST!!!! So I went ahead and finished them all. THEN started posting on here and looking at the pix I’d took and decided to go back and take one with the curtains pulled back like I keep them during the day with the sheers showing. I’m thinking about putting me up some shades on the windows so I can just keep them pulled back like that because I like them pulled back.

Please ignore my chest in there. I have got to lightly sand it and the night stand and put another coat of polyurethane on them and then they ALSO WILL BE DONE! Slowly but surely I am getting all this done!

I wouldn’t have started the living room window shelves yet but since I wanted to do that one for the bedroom I decided to go ahead and do all 5 of them and be done with them all. I posted pix of the bedroom window shelf yesterday in case you didn’t see it. Also please excuse my blurry pic of the side window. I think these are going to be sooo neat because I will have more flat surfaces to put my things. And you know us, you can’t have too many flat surfaces! ;)

P4190628 P4190624 P4190625 P4190626

Friday, April 17, 2009

Four Things to Share LOL AND THE ROOSTER

First off, I wanted to show you the shoes I bought my cute little niece. I found these at my favorite thrift store and thought of Hannah and just had to get them for her! I call them her Cinderella shoes! ;) They are new, not used by the way. We took them to her this evening and she loves them. They’re a little too big for her right now but she can play in them until she grows into them.


Aren’t they just too cute! I got DH a polo shirt, a set of sheer curtains, these shoes and a couple more small items that I’m forgetting now and my total bill was like 1.80 something. lol See WHY I LOVVVVVVE this place?

Then this same niece saw these items in the pix below and wanted to get them for me for my beachy bedroom. She told her Mawma, Mawma, we just gotta get this for Aunt Rose for her new bedroom. lol She is so thoughtful and I just love my presents!


They are seashells lights! I figured they would be neat above the window. As you can see this is one of the window shelves DH and I made.



And then she got me this cute little light house with the silicone bulb in it. Just too cute! I’ve got to find the perfect place for it. It’s about 7” tall but soooooo cute!


Now for the shelves. This is all of them and they are finished! :) I still haven’t gotten the other four hung yet. Been busy else where.

I just HAD to share this funny with you all! This evening we went to eat at a local fish place. When we were coming out of the building my DH thought he saw squirrels running up the tree close to where we were parked. The closer we got to the tree we realized it was roosters and chickens going up in the tree. There were several of us parked under or near the tree. As we got closer we could see the roosters fighting each other and one of them lost his balance and off the limb he came and landed on this truck! lol That was such a funny looking sight! I started getting out my camera to take pix and our daughter was in front of me and I noticed she was also reaching for her camera. Her pic of the rooster on the hood of the truck is MUCH BETTER than mine is!




Here he is coming back around to get back up in the tree. Lets hope he has better balance this time around so he doesn’t fall out again. lol


And here’s his friends still up in the tree. The tree was alive with chickens! I guess this is the tree they all roost in at night. You can see the two chickens toward the middle of the pic toward the bottom.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

Make it a great day!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poly On The Furniture

I got the polyurethane on the chest and the night stand tonight! Now I am wondering if I need to lightly sand it with a really fine sand paper and put another coat of poly on it?

It didn’t take long at all to do it. It took me AWHILE to paint the stuff so I figured it would take that long to do the polyurethane to. 

Now I am wondering WHAT can I finish next. lol

I also got one of the window shelves up as well. It’s the one in my bedroom. I’m not quite happy with the way my long valance looks on it yet. I don’t have anything on my shelf yet either so that’s why I didn’t take a pic to show you all yet. :)

OK I think I am going to hit the bed. I am tired and my shoulders and neck is burning. I figured it’s a bad disk, it happens quite often when I over do.

They Are Finished!

Yes they are!!! I am FINALLY finished with ALL of those window curtain rod shelves!!! The four for the living room AND the one for the bedroom. ahhhhh and yes it DOES feel good to have ONE project finished!!!! NOW hopefully I can get them HUNG tomorrow or the next day. We’re trying to get the taxes done and sent off so that’s got to come first! I am SO RELIEVED to have them done! You have NO IDEA HOW relieved! Since my DH retired it is SO HARD to start and finish my projects and that makes it sooooo stressful to me to even get any finished. I am plugging away at them a little at a time though. Still trying! LOL

They should be dry enough by tomorrow sometime or the next day to get them put in place. This will give me more areas to put my pretties. ;)

I will get pix of them as soon as I get them hung so you all can see them. I know how you all like pix.

Thank you for your encouragement! It sure MEANS ALOT!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Doo Dads

Yeah, don’t know what you would call all of this but curtain gadgets! lol When we made my window shelves/curtain rod holders I wanted rods for both the curtains AND the sheers. I never could find small finials so I made my own. ;) I had found this little qt. size bag of these little wooden curtain rod hangers for .25 at the thrift store awhile back. I knew they would come in handy for something and they have! I used my band saw and cut the ends off, and then cut a small hole for a small dowel rod to join the wooden balls and what was the curtain rod hanger together. You can see what I am referring to in the pics.


Close up pic of the rod hanger and the ball with one hole and it’s also flat sided where the hole is.


I am letting them dry tonight and can paint them all tomorrow to match my curtain rods. They had a little plastic thing that you stick up in the ends of them that has a screw in it. I am just using that to screw into my small curtain rod for the sheers.  I’ve got to find me another one for my beach bedroom redo because I only have one left and I need one more. I’ve got plenty of the little wooden balls just need the rod holder.

So you see, I am working on the bedroom a little here and a little there. One day I will be finished with it I hope! My little niece that comes to stay with me and we have tea parties when she comes, is getting me something for the bedroom. She saw something in a catalog and told her Mawma, Mawma we just gotta get Aunt Rose one of these for her bedroom. I have no idea what that girl has found! LOL She is just precious and such a giver!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hoppy Easter


I was over at Cindy’s (My Romantic Home) blog awhile ago and happened to think I hadn’t even shown you all these cute little bunny rabbits I bought on Wednesday at the thrift store for .29 each. Aren’t they the cutest things?


I put my little teaspoon beside them so you can see how small they are. They’re only about 3” tall but just darling and I couldn’t pass up something as darling as these are! ;)

Anyway I hope everyone has a great Easter!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost There

P4090575 P4090574

I got the smaller dowel rods for the sheers yesterday while in town as well as the little things to fix the small rods a finial. Well on the ends of the little do dad for lack of a better word, I was going to use a small wooden ball to finish it off and give it a finished look. Well when I got home with all my stuff, after going by Michaels to get the little bag of wooden balls, they had holes all the way through them and I didn’t notice that.  BUT I think maybe I can fix that with little dowel rods if I have some smaller ones. I got the green ones painted yesterday and was going to paint the smaller dowel rods today and get finished with them. BUT instead I decided I wanted to work in the yard instead. Man am I ever more sore now! lol Maybe I should have just finished the shelves. ;) I dearly love this green we have our living room painted. I had a gallon left so I decided to paint the shelves the same color so it all would match.

The white one is for our bedroom.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still Fixing My Nest



Ignore those old ugly curtains. Actually I have them hung backwards. lol They are pretty dark blue and I couldn’t stand them on the wall on that side so I put them this way. The back is white and much better than the right side. ;) Just something temp. for right now until I get the roman blinds made as I already said. Anyway this is a shot of both sides of the window. I decided to put the terra cotta fish tea lights on each side on each shelf. I had some candles lite on the shelf and decided to get a pic. It’s not going to stay like this, I am just playing around with it TRYING to decide WHAT to put on these little shelves!

I’ve been de-cluttering our master bathroom. I had a tall wicker floor shelf in there and it was just way too cluttered looking with all my lotions and soaps etc. So I hid them away under the sink and got rid of the wicker. I will stick it out on the front porch or something.

Beach Theme Bedroom

I started back putting up some of my things today. Got aggravated and quit though. You’ll see why in a moment! lol I had moved that one screw twice already and my patience was just worn too thin!! When it wasn’t straight after me putting the level to it, I said that’s it, I can’t handle NO MORE! So I quit! I am to the point I am shaky my nerves is so shot. And this is ALL I HAVE DONE to the bedroom! I just cannot hang things to suit me. I have waited and even dreaded doing it and I said OK TODAY IS THE DAY!


See the shelf, it goes downhill on the left. This is the one I moved the screw twice and it’s STILL unlevel! PLUS I even used the level and got the dumb thing crooked! UGHHHHHH Not sure WHAT I am going to put on it yet. I just sit the sand dollar on it just to have something on it. I wanted the sea shell pix on each side of the window since I had 4 of them. I didn’t have two of the same kinds of shelves so I tried to match them about the same size anyway. You know it just hit me, I need to use one terra cotta fish on each shelf on each side of the window instead of using them both on the one shelf. See terra cotta fish tea light candles below on shelf.


Excuse my curtains. I am just using these right now until I can get my window shelf/curtain rod painted and hung. And then I am going to use a very long valance and roman blinds that I have to make as well.



This one is on the other wall between the two doors. It is up a little high because I am going to put our chest there under it. I’m hoping I still don’t have it all too high! I do that all the time!!!!

I have been thinking about adding a pink to the room in some of the accessories because the chanel sp? spread I had planned on using that is blue and white, my DD said it was just too much blue in the room with that spread. I just can’t go out and buy yet another one because I have like 4 already. Two of them has the pink it them and they are beige on the background. So I thought that might pull everything together. See the pink in the pic above? Then there is also a pinkish color in the beach canvas print above the bed.  I could add some pink pillows on the bed to pull the pinks out.

Window Shelf and Curtain Rods



I have had the boards to these shelves cut out since before our shed caught fire back about 2-3 years ago. Can’t remember now just when but it was some where along that time. I had these boards on the carport or they would have been burnt with my band saw. Anyway we finally got me another band saw in spring of ‘08 and finally got it put together this spring! Can you say slow? lol At least it’s FINALLY DONE! So needless to say I have been trying to get these done since I have another one to work with now. It sure is a nice one to. Now I want a table saw AND a drill press OH AND a vice/vise SP? not sure on how to spell that! LOL Then I will have enough stuff to do what I need to do. ;) I LOVE working with wood. Anyway before I get carried away anymore, see details below.


We got all the curtain rod/window shelves finished today. I even got the one painted that will go above our bedroom window. I still need to put another coat of paint on it though. But it's getting there. As you can see, the pile is waiting for their paint. lol They will get painted the same color green that is in our living room. Our daughter was very impressed she said. She told us when she came home from work, “Ya’ll they look plum professional looking!” Wow, she said it looked like we bought a kit and put them together. I basically just made up my own pattern after searching online for a pattern and finding none. Just found pix of them. I wanted a rod for my sheers so that’s what the second rod will be for. I have some little wooden things I will attach to the end of those rods to give them a more finished effect. I love building stuff like this! It’s so much fun because I know I will have more areas to display my pretties! :) That makes me smile BIG smiles. ;)

NOW hopefully I can get at least this one hung early next week! I HOPE!!!!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pix Window Shelf with Curtain Rods

I decided to go play a little and just stick it together so I could show you what I am trying to do. While doing so I realized I needed to cut my dowel rod off a whole bunch because it is wayyyyyy too long. So good thing I wanted to show pics.

One of the supports doesn’t have the holes cut out in it yet. But you get the idea. I will have this dowel rod and a smaller one. The larger one for the curtains and the smaller one the sheers. Or in the bedroom it will be the long valance and then I might do sheers with that, not sure yet.




Window Shelves/Curtain Rods

I got started on the window shelf curtain rods today. I got all the brackets cut out for the shelves and DH was cutting the circles in them for me. We messed up two of the brackets because the circle cutter ruined the edges where it was cutting the circle. So we wound up stopping, then going to Home Depot to get some circle cutters and some other stuff. Got me another board to cut out two more brackets with. I am going to use one of the shelf/curtain rod holders in our bedroom and the other four will go in the living room. This will give me more surface area to sit my pretty things on. I basically made up my own pattern after searching online for some photo's of the shelves. I am going to have two holes in the brackets and that way one large wooden dowel rod will be in one hole and a smaller one will be in the other hole for hanging my sheers. So since we have all the stuff to do the job with now maybe we can work some more on it tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will corporate with us! I'll get pix as soon as I can. :) I'm going to paint the one for our bedroom, white. I will probably prop up some sea shells on that shelf.
So hopefully tomorrow I will have pix.