Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They Are Finished!

Yes they are!!! I am FINALLY finished with ALL of those window curtain rod shelves!!! The four for the living room AND the one for the bedroom. ahhhhh and yes it DOES feel good to have ONE project finished!!!! NOW hopefully I can get them HUNG tomorrow or the next day. We’re trying to get the taxes done and sent off so that’s got to come first! I am SO RELIEVED to have them done! You have NO IDEA HOW relieved! Since my DH retired it is SO HARD to start and finish my projects and that makes it sooooo stressful to me to even get any finished. I am plugging away at them a little at a time though. Still trying! LOL

They should be dry enough by tomorrow sometime or the next day to get them put in place. This will give me more areas to put my pretties. ;)

I will get pix of them as soon as I get them hung so you all can see them. I know how you all like pix.

Thank you for your encouragement! It sure MEANS ALOT!


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