Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Decorating

Wanted to show you my finished window shelves! I put them up tonight. The rod for the sheers is a little too large because I couldn’t get the rod through the right hole in them. I had to use the top hole instead of the second one. So now they are too long. I don’t know if I will just leave it like this or try to do a smaller rod. I might just hem the sheers and call it finished! LOL I never did like that wavy hem nor the sides anyway. I like it to be straight. But not going to worry with it for right now because I NEED to finish our bedroom. I’ve got to find me some pretties to put up there on the shelves now. I just stuck something up there so you could see the shelves. I lacked only ONE MORE and the drills battery needed charging. UGHHHHH So I let it charge while I took the other curtain rod holders down. Then I also did some other things and was going to get on the computer and noticed the battery was charged! WOW that was FAST!!!! So I went ahead and finished them all. THEN started posting on here and looking at the pix I’d took and decided to go back and take one with the curtains pulled back like I keep them during the day with the sheers showing. I’m thinking about putting me up some shades on the windows so I can just keep them pulled back like that because I like them pulled back.

Please ignore my chest in there. I have got to lightly sand it and the night stand and put another coat of polyurethane on them and then they ALSO WILL BE DONE! Slowly but surely I am getting all this done!

I wouldn’t have started the living room window shelves yet but since I wanted to do that one for the bedroom I decided to go ahead and do all 5 of them and be done with them all. I posted pix of the bedroom window shelf yesterday in case you didn’t see it. Also please excuse my blurry pic of the side window. I think these are going to be sooo neat because I will have more flat surfaces to put my things. And you know us, you can’t have too many flat surfaces! ;)

P4190628 P4190624 P4190625 P4190626

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