Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can You Guess WHAT This Is?


It USED to be a hammock. This was it’s frame. Well part of it’s frame. I took it all apart and leaned it against this tree so it wouldn’t be against the ground to rust.

A few weeks ago I was sitting out on the patio in the swing and I was looking at this thing that NO ONE ever uses! It really hurts my back to lie in it. I kept having to dump the water out of it every time it would rain. So I was sitting there looking at it thinking, it’s full of water AGAIN and I need to go dump it out. Then I noticed the arch part of it and thought, that would make a good archway arbor for my white running rose bush run on. So that’s WHAT it’s going to be soon. My DH is going to weld a couple round metal poles on each side of it and we’re going to stick it into the ground and plant the rose on each side of it to run on. It’s not going to be planted where I have it now. Just needed a place for it for right now until DH gets it fixed for me. I wanted it out in the open so I wouldn’t have to worry about that rose running out onto a tree or something in years to come. This rose grows like mad! LOL

So stay tuned for this project soon. :)

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