Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bargain Day Today

While checking out Cindy’s blog over at, My Romantic Home, I started telling her something and then decided to just make a post about it because I wanted to share pix of my stuff when I get it all washed up. lol

While out and about shopping today at my thrift stores I found some really neato bargains at my favorite bargain store. Spent a total of almost 7.00 but man I am so excited!

There was a box full of these things and I think they must have came from a hotel. It’s those curtain like things they hang in the function rooms as dividers. I also found the table skirts they use for putting around the edges of the table for a skirt. One is 22’ long and one is 18’ long. I was thinking about making me a dust ruffle for our bed with them. All I would have to do, I think, is cut it off and hem it. It has snaps that I would have to do something with as well  unless I fix it to where it will snap onto something on my mattress which would be really cool!

Anyway the curtains, I wanted them for our patio. DH cut the tree down last spring that shaded our patio and then when it got really hot last summer we had no shade on the patio. I wanted to put up some curtains for shade. This will do the trick I think.

Anyway I am washing it all right now, and trying to get it all dried. The curtains, only two at a time would fit into my washer because they are sooooooo large!!!

I will try and post pix tomorrow. I got me some metal wire and the attachments to hang them all with tonight. But don’t know if I will get it done tomorrow or not.

I took a few pix of the items hanging around drying. lol It didn’t quite get dry in the dryer because it’s so much it’s wanting to ball up in a ball in there.


There are 4 of these curtains and they are 17’ wide. They’re a really soft light yellow color. I thought they were beige in the store.



The table shirt. They are white. There is two of them and one is 22’ and the other is 17’ like I already said I think. ;)

P4220646 P4220645

Then  that one is the white cotton battenburg pillow case.


Connie said...

Wow Rose - what a buy! Those will work for the patio. I think the other will work great as a dust ruffle. Could you buy the sew/stick velcro tape for the dust ruffle. Stick the one side to the mattress and sew the other to ruffle. I did this with a sink I covered up. So glad to have found your blog. Going to read the rest of your threads.


Rose1957 said...

Thank you Connie!
Yeah that would probably work for the dust ruffle. Some where I read where someone used curtain rods for the dust ruffle to and I can't really remember how they did it.
It has snaps on it on the back side.