Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In The Dark

These are the little seashell lights my niece Hannah bought me for our bedroom. Aren’t they just too cute at night time? I didn’t know WHERE to put them and just laid them across the shelf and I think I like them there because it really lights up my RELAX doo dad for lack of a better word for the thing. P4210635

Our bedroom is coming together and we both are really loving it!!! DH came in here last night after I hooked up the lights and started laughing and said, “THAT LOOKS GOOD!” He really likes the color of the walls now THANK GOODNESS! After he went to bed I was still up and walked by the bedroom and he still had the seashell lights on lying there snoring away! lol So I decided to get a pic of it. I guess I need the take the glass candle on the left side down and put up some more real seashells since they show up better than the glass candle thing.

THEN last but not least, Buddy our new puppy since Dec. 08, dearly LOVES it outside!!!! DH went outside to mow and left him in here and man he DID NOT LIKE THAT! He was sitting back there at the back door whining. So I put one of the dining room chairs up to the window in the dining room and patted on it for him to hop up into it. He did and loved looking out there. Then when I walked away, so did he. I didn’t know IF he would go back to it and jump back up into the chair again or not. BUT HE DID! LOL So I had to get a shot of him. He’s spoiled rotten and as hardheaded as they come! I have started getting me a rolled up paper to make him listen the first time instead of the 4th or 5th time. You get to the point you’re screaming at him to make him listen. So I said ok, once IS ENOUGH and I have paper rolled up all over the place to swat him one if he doesn’t listen the first time. He HAS to listen because one day his life could be in danger and he needs to listen the first time!!!! Man he’s hardheaded!!!! UGHHHHHHHH Anyway see pic below. ;) He heard me walk up and he turned around.



Bonita said...

Your house is so adorable! The seashells look great and I adore that little shelf around the top of your wall in the kitchen area. I wish you would come help me decorate my house!

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Bonita! :) My Dh and I did that shelf. Actually it's not that hard. We did the side ones first and then did the end ones. The shelf is all the way around the room. I needed some where to put all my tea cups and teapots. :) As you can see I have a collection. lol
Oh I bet your home is awesome!

21stCB said...

Your dining room is cuter than ever!