Thursday, April 30, 2009

Patio Curtains Are Hung

Well 2 of them are. I’ve got to cut the other one and then hem it on the side. I figured I would make some throw pillows for the swing with the left over pieces. As you can see from the curtain below, I have got to put some weights in the bottoms of them. The wind was blowing them all the way against the roof of the patio almost. Excuse my ladder in the second pic. I hung them high enough so they wouldn’t drag the floor.

P4290691 P4290690

This next pic is when it was getting dark. My DH had the light on working on a project. I’ve got a gazebo cover piled on the little table on the patio awaiting for it to be put on the gazebo.

The curtains really shaded the patio after I put them up. The wind was blowing them SO BAD that I had to open the one closest to the brick so you can see some sun on the patio on the first pic. But that’s because it was open. I think we will enjoy these curtains. Now we can sit out there in the shade!


It really gets hot here in South MS. with all this humidity, so we have to have some shade. ;)

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