Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Patio Curtains

I put a rod pocket in all those curtains I found at the thrift store the other day. They had those metal circles in the tops of them and I didn’t want that to rust and also I would have had to buy something to hang them with as well. So I just cut those off and ran a rod pocket in them. I only lack one being finished with them. I had some 2” wide ribbon like stuff I’d also gotten from the thrift store awhile back and I used that to sew onto the tops and then just folded it down and sewed a rod pocket in them. Monday I put up my metal things to attach the wire on but couldn’t put up the wire because I need to have one end open for when I put the curtains on there. On the last one I’m not going to need the whole curtain so I figured I could make some throw pillows for the swing to pull it all together with since the chair and swing cushions aren’t the same color. There is a tan-ish color in the cushions though so I think it will go perfectly. When I get off here I think I am going to hang them.

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