Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poly On The Furniture

I got the polyurethane on the chest and the night stand tonight! Now I am wondering if I need to lightly sand it with a really fine sand paper and put another coat of poly on it?

It didn’t take long at all to do it. It took me AWHILE to paint the stuff so I figured it would take that long to do the polyurethane to. 

Now I am wondering WHAT can I finish next. lol

I also got one of the window shelves up as well. It’s the one in my bedroom. I’m not quite happy with the way my long valance looks on it yet. I don’t have anything on my shelf yet either so that’s why I didn’t take a pic to show you all yet. :)

OK I think I am going to hit the bed. I am tired and my shoulders and neck is burning. I figured it’s a bad disk, it happens quite often when I over do.

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Susan said...

Wow you have made a lot of progress on your beach bedroom makeover. It looks great so far. I love the pictures and shelves on either side of the window. I wish I could create things from wood like your shelves for over the windows. I'm completely envious :)